Quote:  The best way to heal dry, chapped lips is to stop moving them.  Maxine (who doesn’t love Maxine’s thoughts)

Song: Bring the Rain – Mercyme

Latest thoughts (I know I’m behind):

– No matter how many times it comes on (and forgive me if I’ve mentioned it before)…..I am completely creeped out by the public service commercials where actors from CBS shows (male actors) promote PAP smears.  It’s just not right.

– I am convinced leggings are just another word for thicker pantyhose.  They still require as much of an aerobic workout to get on as pantyhose……

– Recently I ate dinner with my friend and her 4 year old twins.  They opened all the doors for me and hugged me at the end of the dinner.  Those two four year olds were more gentleman like than any adult date I’ve been on in the last couple of months!

– This one should’ve been posted before Christmas….but….I don’t care how nerdy it is…..nothing gets me fully into the Christmas spirit like Dolly Parton singing Hard Candy Christmas.

– As if Steven Segall (sp?) movies weren’t torture enough (and a complete waste of film), I now see where he is going to get a tv show called Lawman.  I think it would be a better use of my time (and more entertaining) to lock myself in a room with my ex mother-in-law and listen to the Delilah radio show.

– there is now a chia pet for your cat.  That’s right, it grows just like a chia pet and it’s for your cat to scratch.  Funny, that makes it on to the market….but my perfectly great (and practical) idea of a bra where you can snap in your cup size depending on the size of EACH breast (cause you know one is always bigger than the other) doesn’t seem to get any attention.  Is anyone else seeing how unfair this is?

– Mark McGuire:  a) what is up with your neck and face.  Your neck is saggy and “scar like” yet your face is tight like you just walked out of a botox booth.  Please fix this.  B) You used steroids?  Really?  We had no idea……..and you crying as you do your interview definitely reeks sincerity……it’s a shame that anyone wouldn’t believe in your apology…..

– In the course of 1 1/2 hours following my work day…….the following took place…..

I was driving on a side road to get home (I hate taking the bypass) and hit an “ice rock” type thing that I’m convinced is left over from the iceburg that hit the Titanic.

I suddenly feel my car start shaking.  I pull over at a gas station where I’m on the phone with my very pregnant boss trying to get help.  My tire is flat.  No problem, I’ll air it up…..in my heels, shirt, etc.

A sweet man pulls up behind me clearly in a hurry.  He has no choice but to offer me help.  It’s his only hope of getting to use the air tank before midnight because I certainly have no clue what I’m doing.  He assures me I just need a new tire, but I should get somewhere as quickly as possible.  He then offers to put my spare tire on….then quickly changes his mind?  HUH?   All while my sweet friend Daniel is on the phone with me explaining that if my rim is broken I might as well plan on spending a butt load of money to get it fixed and rattling off a list of terms I wouldn’t know if I were reading them from Webster’s Dictionary.

I then go to Wal-Mart where Letha (who has worked there for 20 years – her badge said so) assures me they’ll “fix me right up”.  At least I think that’s what she said.  She had a low mumble and I couldn’t really make it past her mustache to concentrate on her words.

I finally feel relief.  Just get a new tire and be on my way.  Then…..they point out my rim is indeed bent (thank you gas station guy for telling me a lie because you knew I would believe it and you just wanted to use the air tank) and they won’t be able to put a new tire on.

And that brings us here………….

to be continued

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