The Bachelor – Episode two (I think)

So much to type….but soooo late in the evening.  I wasn’t planning on even watching the show, much less having so much to say about it.

So forgive the first blog……it’ll be a little rough.  I promise to be more prepared next week.

Here are my general observations –

– I love Allie.  Love her.  She is beautiful, seems normal and genuine and he looked very comfortable with her.

As for the rest of you hookers………

– The bug-eyed teacher from PA who seriously already had it in her head that he was “her man”.  Yeah, how did that workout for ya crazy?

-Michelle…..I don’t even have enough energy to bash her to the full capacity that she deserves.  “I’m leaving, I didn’t get a date”… freaking whoo.  You are truly a mess….I will not be able to tolerate her much more.  I’m only letting him get by with keeping her this week since he was totally thrown off by Roslyn’s exit.

– Speaking of…, didn’t see that one coming.  I really didn’t see a lot with her past her huge boobs hanging out of her bikini and her fakeness.  Did anyone notice that every time she was doing an interview she had this total witch look on her face?  Sianora (sp?)…..and I’m not gonna lie….Chris being a total, firm jerk with her kinda made me crush on him more!  Just for the record, I typed “Roslyn – evil – up to no good” in my notes to put in this blog before she got booted… technically I called it and am more gifted than you know 🙂

– The chick, vienna or whatever her name is……does it really have to be that dramatic that you got married at 18 as payback to your preacher’s son fiance who broke it off with you and got married 1 month later?  He was really, intently listening….but he wasn’t….he was secretly adding 4567+89-56/2.  Because that would be less dramatic, yet more interesting than her story

– Christina – honey…….stop crying.  You cannot possibly be in love with him on week one……I was sort of rooting for you til you got drunk and acted a fool……he was totally turned off by that.  I hope you’ve learned a very valuable lesson from this.

So far, my overall opinion consists of the following:

These are the most vicious girls they’ve had on the show ever.  They don’t even try to hide it….at all.  If they don’t get picked, they get ugly.

Slutty……they may be the nicest girls on the planet….but the way they are marketing themselves is degrading and half of them have zero respect for themselves.  I used to feel somewhat jealous and think “why don’t they put a fat, fun girl like myself on there”…….Now I know why….cause I wouldn’t run around acting like that and starve for his attention.  Which I guess defeats the whole purpose of being there….I would just be sittin on the couch with my drink like “he can come talk to me if he wants” :)lol

It just seems as if most of them are so caught up in the “competition” factor of it all that if they actually did “catch him” he probably wouldn’t even be their type.

This show is well on it’s way to making a mockery of love……yet, I will continue to watch the train wreck just in case there is ever a day I really don’t have anything else to write about 🙂

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