Gimmie Yo Happy 1-12-10

Quote:  Character is who you are when noone is watching

Song:  All I Ever Wanted – Kelly Clarkson (not so much for the words as much as for some reason I just kept playing it over and over today….loved the “beat”)


–          As if I didn’t hate Valentine’s Day enough….now there is a whole movie devoted to it.  It’s not that I’m bitter because I’m single.  It’s that I don’t think you should get one day a year to send some flowers and that declares you the greatest person on the planet and totally excuses all the stupid things you’ve done the other 364 days.  You wanna make me think you’re great, sweet, romantic, etc……leave me a post-it note on April 12th that says “just thinking of you…..”,  take me to see fireweorks (which is one of my favorite things) during 4th of July and kiss me when it’s over……make me a mixed playlist of songs that make you think of me…..etc.  Those things will get you high on my list 😉

–          I bit my nails my whole life (thank you OCD).  Then I went through a phase where I kept very manicured acrylic nails.  Then I got tired of spending that money and wanted to just be natural….so I quit doing that.  I worked so hard to grow real nails and finally succeeded….and now the dang things break all the time.  It makes no sense.  I used to make fun of girls who got all upset when they broke a nail.  I apologize to you all.  It is truly devastating.

–          Can I just take a second to be sappy and tell you how overwhelmingly peaceful and happy I am these days.  Holy mother it took long enough to get there!  I have even had about 22 things in the past two days that were pretty crappy……and still couldn’t even care to devote any negative energy to them……I LOVE the way things are going and I LOVE every person who has been patient enough to let me find my way there!

–          RELAY FOR LIFE – even if you can’t come, don’t want to join a team, or don’t think you have the time……you can help…….I LOVE THIS CAUSE…….Anyone who starts an online page to raise funds for Washington County can get a free photo session and CD of 10 shots from me.  Email me either at or through facebook for details.  Of course there are a couple of small catches….but they are small J

–          I’m going to regret typing this out loud…..but I actually miss  Not because of any other reason than I get bored.  So obviously need to spend my time more wisely.  But we all have to admit it produced a lot of entertainment in my life.  I am not going back though…..I promised myself changes…..and changes I will have J

–          Sarah Palin joined Fox news.  This is not news.  Please stop talking about it

–          FB chat is making me angry

–          Does David Letterman have room to be making girlfriend jokes and their upkeep considering his recent announcement?

–          American Idol – no time for it…..someone else will have to take the blogging on this one.  The Bachelor is going to keep me more than busy this season.

–          AliciaPalooza 010 will be booked in Feb.  If you are seriously interested in an extended weekend on the beach, message me.

–          As posted earlier today on FB…..Happiness is abundant.  You just gotta first figure out what it is that makes you happy, then go get it.  It takes effort to choose to be happy but that is part of the success of it.  Stop trying to steal others happy……….get your own.  If someone has something you want….that makes you jealous (no matter how big or how small the jealousy is)…..make up your mind to get your own happy.  It comes in all shapes and sizes……it’s not a one size fits all kinda thing.  I vow to be more positive (and hopefully more funny than I’ve been today)………even about those situations/people on the bad list.


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