Why so serious? 1-13-2010

Quote: “Our lives preserved. How it was; and how it be. Passing it along in the relay. That is what I work to do: to produce stories that save our lives.

Toni Cade Bambara quotes

Song:  World’s Greatest – R.Kelly – we used this for our opening Survivor lap at 2009 Relay for Life.  When you listen to it in that aspect and imagine a track full of cancer survivors PROUDLY walking a lap while everyone cheers them on in the fight against cancer….you’ll never be the same!

Thoughts: (short and sweet today)

-stopped by the store to buy cookies for RFL Kickoff tmrw nite. I had 5 pkgs. Cashier boy says “you like cookies?” I say “I do but these are for an event”. He replies “yeah, it’s ok, I like cookies too you don’t have to act like they’re not all for you”…….no bueno walmart boy….no bueno.  The conversation got even worse after that when he assured me his day had been worse than mine because the heater went out on his car.  Yep, that got him a love letter sent to the fine folks at the home office.  Not in the mood today.

– The love of my life, my silly obsession – Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer from the show 24) – was on Letterman tonight……in a dress (he lost a bet with a friend)…….let me make this very clear to you….he’s still Jack Bauer…..if you make fun of him he will hear you and you should probably just end it for yourself now.  I don’t care if he’s wearing a dress or not, he’s Jack and I would still be his love slave!!!!!!

– Absolutely nothing entertaining happened to me today.  I haven’t had a day like that in so long I’m tempted to go copy someone else’s blog just to try and provide you with better entertainment.

– My little tidbit advice of the day:  I think sometimes people are so caught up in being caddy and getting even that in starting a war with someone, they forget that war usually comes with casualties.  If you get too caught up in being evil and don’t have a good battle plan……you’re usually the one that becomes the “casualty of war”……..just something to think about

– On a very serious note……it is no secret that I’m more than passionate about the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society).  Tomorrow night is our kickoff party where we invite the community to come see what’s in store for this season.  Sometimes my heart physically hurts so bad wishing I could see, touch, hug, talk to my dad that I feel like I won’t be able to breathe.  But when I filter that into this cause and get caught up in the events that go with it…..I truly feel like I’m connecting on a different level with my dad and that I am doing something that matters.  It is not possible for you to become involved in this organization and not be changed.  I hope and pray that if my dad were still alive he would tell me that I am making him proud by doing this!  People who have cancer, who fight it everyday and go through that HORRIBLE journey, are the most amazing people.  They just do it.  And no matter what “way” they choose to take it on, they have a spirit when they enter a room that is like no other.  I have a respect, admiration, and love for those people that I will never be able to truly express!!!!!!

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