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Quote of the day:  “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  -Albert Einstein

Song of the day:  Funhouse -Pink


a) I just felt like writing……I actually missed blogging even if most of them are pointless

b) I am finding since my surgery I have emotions that go way beyond my control….I don’t like not being in control.  Today, that emotion is overall discontent and just “pissy”.  This blog is simply observations of things that irritate me.  I’m not down and out…..I’m not unhappy….just pissy J  and that’s my perrogative just as it’s yours not to read it if you don’t like it…..

With that being said……let’s get started

–          I honestly do not ever, for one second, think that if I don’t forward half of the emails to twelve people like it tells me to, that I’ll have bad luck forever.  Today, alone, I got 8 texts that were fwds……HATE THEM.  Yes, I love my girlfriends, I am blessed, I love the Lord, I think I’m great…I don’t have to forward that to 15 people while standing on my head hoping the fairy dust falls in just the right place so MAYBE something good will happen to me as an advertisement for all those things.  I would rather have lunch with my girlfriends, worship with other believers in church, and treat myself to a mani/pedi to show those things……not a darn email.

–     Speaking of the above….I also DESPISE the updates I get on fb about what people are doing in Farmville, Sorority Life, Mafia Wars, Fish tanks…….rehab……whatever else is on there.  I am not judging for those who participate…more power to you….but I just don’t care.  And maybe if people were planting REAL farms, then we would all be healthier and the planet would be a better place.  I guess I have stuff I’m addicted to that is just as bad…….but I don’t shove it down your update throats 🙂  Make it stop FB make it stop!!!!!!!!

–          I saw a commercial for the newest rage in exercise equipment…..The Ab Pro……what on earth made these people think of this?  And who on earth would purchase it and move around like that?????  Craziness I tell you.  www.abcirclepro.com I truly believe that people who agree to fund these types of things have an extremely sick sense of humor.  The calories I burn laughing at this should equal what I might burn if I decided to put myself on the actual machine.

–          Men should NEVER wear shirts with embroidery on it.  Not ever.  Initially when I witnessed a man with a denim shirt with an embroided basketball on it at the game last week….I thought “hmm….that’s interesting”  I then tried and tried to think of any one instance that it would possibly be ok or excusable…..I couldn’t think of one.

–          I have experienced some extreme disappointment lately due to people I thought were “good” turning out to be evil…….I just wish they were better at it.  I just wish they would be a bit smarter.  If you’re going to talk about me via email……it’s probably a good idea not to forward it to me.  Or, if you’re going to lie to me, you probably shouldn’t update your facebook to show something completely different………

–          I’m weighing the options of finally just being done with fake peoplle.  I’m not saying I’ll be “out right” mean…..but why waste each others time with the fake nice.  I witnessed it in abundance today and it physically made me sick.  Let’s not pretend…..I don’t like you, you don’t like me, I wish you well and need to love you b/c that’s what my God wants…..but aside from that, let’s just  put our energy into better things then being fake to each other.

–          The Bachelor:  I was going to commit to watching it and blogging…..goodness knows there is enough material.  However, overall it’s just stupid drama.  AND….24 comes on at the same time.  So that means there is no question as to what I’ll choose.

–          If I’m cranky, and I give you fair warning to leave me alone….that really means to leave me alone.  It’s not a joke.  If I choose to throw a chocolate donut and a dr pepper on top of that, I suggest you let me and shut your mouth about it.  Everyone stays much safer this way.

–          Tried bridesmaids dresses on tonight for my friends wedding.  Hope she’s ok with what she’s chosen.  I’ve never been so unhappy with how I physically look.  I’m still not to the “put a bag over her head” point….but I’m knockin on it’s door…..the trouble spots seems to be the arms and butt……or I should say the top problem spots….so anybody who has a sculpting program, feel  free to pass it along.  I’m also willing to date a plastic surgeon….

I got nothing else for you……I hope to get on a better and more positive blog schedule beginning next week.  I do a lot better when prompted…..so if you’re sitting around with a random topic and tink “I wonder what Alicia would think of that”……well, just ask me J  I would love to elaborate

–          P.S. as I was closing this I am watching the news and saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi (sp?)…..whoa, sweetheart, your job is taking a serious aging toll on you……..bless her.  Let’s get you into a spa…quickly.

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