Stir Crazy Randomness 1-30-10

Stir crazy randomness

Quote:  Ever get the feeling your stuff strutted off without you?…..Maxine

Song:  Call The Man, Celine Dion (been missing him way too much lately)


Since I’ve been stuck inside for two straight days now, I’ve had more than enough time to have random thoughts……..and start random projects that I have no desire to finish……

–          Want to know any Jackie Kennedy history…..just ask me.  I spent 1 ½ hours watching QVC sell reproductions of her jewelry collection today.  No lie.  And they had a Kennedy historian to tell a little story about each piece…..I was addicted.  I couldn’t help myself.  I even almost ordered a piece or two.  Who knew QVC would be so educational?????  I want to be as cool as Jackie seemed to be.

–          I’m addicted to Words With Friends……so much in fact that I currently have 12 games going……I can’t get enough.  It’s as bad as my facebook addiction.  And you wanna talk about sore loser.  I’ve gotten spanked in this game more times than I care to admit, which means I’m only going to keep “re-matching” with those people until I win.  I’m also adding this to the list of things my parents screwed up on in raising me (as well as feeding me twinkies, not making me exercise, letting me drop out of piano and never allowing me to take gymnastics)……I know hardly any big words… all.  My vocabulary needs a serious makeover!  You know what else bugs me?  When my OCD kicks in and I try to plan ahead as to what my  next word is going to be….and the other person plays there……..

–          So…..hott neighbor moved out.  Apparently, his internet connection was the one that I was going through to use the internet in my apt (yes, I know it’s wrong)… I rely on a 1 bar connection and that’s only sometimes.   I guess I’m going to have to look at other options.  If you’re keeping tabs, this officially makes hott neighbor a JERK  and now also the reason you haven’t gotten as many blogs lately……I know where he works if you wanna start a riot …..just sayin!  Maybe I should start a subscription fund or donation jar for my internet subscription……nah, then I would only be horribly disappointed if nobody signed up for it, meaning nobody reads these.

–          Is it wrong that as I’m typing this and watching the evening news, I see them interviewing dad’s who took their kids sledding today……and now secretly wanna see if they have a fb page because they were incredibly attractive?  Oh, folks, we need to get me out and keep me occupied and quickly!

–          Let’s talk TV.  I knew it was a bad idea for me to get cable!  Thankfully, I’m only on basic so I can’t waste too much time on TLC, etc.  I swear the cable that comes through my tv is laced with crack which gets released into my air, stirs around, goes up my nose and creates a dependency that I can’t fight.  The things I do for Jack Bauer…………

–          I don’t talk a lot about my faith….not nearly as much as I should.  It’s definitely a work in progress…..and I hope to open up more about it and how the last weeks of my dad’s life sparked an unreturnable journey……BUT….lately, there have been some things happening in my life that can’t be ignored.  I am amazed that since I have changed my focus, the things that have fallen into place. (more on this later)

–          My body has physically changed so much since my hysterectomy.  I spend a stupid amount of time just standing in the mirror staring at myself.  I’ve come a very long way in my self esteem….and I constantly want to be a good example for my younger nieces and girls that I know by loving myself out loud.  I try not to ever let them see me doubt myself or down my physical image.  But I’m struggling with that lately.  And yes, dang it, I’ve started exercising and trying to eat better…….but I’m just not seeing any results.  THIS IS HARD…….very hard.  If I ever do find a man to put up with me enough to marry me, he’ll at least have a fluffy pillow curling up next to me……ugh, that’s not even funny, we all know I hate cuddling……and now with these hot flashes, I can barely stand being in the same room with other people much less curl up next to somebody under covers.  I catch myself looking at older photographs and despising how I look now. …boo on this!!!

–          John Daly has a Reality show?  Really?  I can’t currently hear what they’re saying about it because my tv is on mute while I rock out to love songs that make me hate being alone…..but…it looks like he’s tearing up….give me a break.  I’ve about had enough of people getting their shows when we all know how badly I want one.

–          #1 Pet peeve of women today that gives us cooler chicks a bad name……….hearing what a man says, assuming he clearly doesn’t mean it, and trying to change his mind…….in some secret agent way.  For example, a guy says “I’m just not interested in dating anyone at this point with all that I have going on”……..let’s face it, part of it may really be that he doesn’t want to specifically date you…..let’s just leave it at that and move on.  Trying to strategically maneuver yourself to be around him more, etc is not going to suddenly make him realize he’s in love with you (despite what the stupid chick flicks tell you – thus my problem with them)……….that truly only happens as the exception not the rule….oh I could get started and type til I run out of space….I’ll just save it for my book.

–          Ok, I’m super nervous about something that I can’t talk about and it’s driving me crazy…..especially since we all know how horrible I am at not expressing myself….Part of me is keeping it quiet because it also seems that every time I get excited or talk about something, I ruin it……but I catch myself daydreaming and I hate it!

–          Obama’s State of the Union Address….didn’t watch it, don’t care to watch it, etc…….currently they are making fun of it on SNL so I’m sure there were highlights I should be aware of…..but I just can’t watch it or even read about it.  It’s not even that it’s Obama (for all you Obama fans who are thinking about defriending me after reading this)……it’s just the disappointment in the government in general.  I honestly don’t even know where I stand on politics anymore……nor do I care to get into it via internet when I can’t really speak intelligently about it.  I just notice certain things people on fb say that I either like or dislike.  Recently I liked what my friend Rob pointed out……he said “People aren’t dying in this country because they don’t have health care, walk into a hospital and they will take care of you….but walk into a place to get a job and it ain’t happenin”………just something to think about

–          It’s officially 55 days until AliciaPalooza 010……it’s a significant birthday (My 30th) and is so far looking to be the most uneventful one yet.  What a sad, sad thing.  I know I’m independent…..come across as over confident/princessy like……..but for the most part it’s all just the surface…….secretly I just want to know that there are some people out there who think of me……but…..I guess the root is that I come across that way so people probably either don’t think I “need” that or that they just simply think I’m not deserving of it since I act the way I do.  So I guess I need to work on myself J  more……I’m always under construction I guess

–          I started taking down my Christmas decorations today but didn’t finish.  Someone could make a lot of money by taking down people’s decorations……well maybe not this time of year since most normal people have already taken their stuff down.

–          Who loves all the snow?  This girl!!!  Who wanted to make a snowman so bad today?  This girl.  So……I knocked on my neighbors door and reserved her little girl to help tomorrow so I wouldn’t look like a complete lame-0 making a snowman by myself.

–          Am I the only one who looks at the new John Travolta movie and is slightly attracted to his baldness?  I know he’s 55 and yes I saw his belly when he was rolling around on the ground trying to do some of his own stunts……but still….

–          The Degree commercial where the chick undresses the bell boy and rubs two deodrants down his rock hard belly to see which one she wants to wear with her black ball gown….L A M E……a) do ladies typically carry around two types of deodrants?  B)  How many hott bell boys do you know that just hang out to be invited into a girls room to have his shirt ripped off?  The bell boys at the hotel of my last business trip were not under the age of 60…….

I better wrap this one up and get it posted while I still somewhat have an internet connection……..PLTD

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One thought on “Stir Crazy Randomness 1-30-10

  1. Ok, lets try this again!! Qvc is addicting! Before I got married I did break down and order Christmas decor!! Now I only get to watch in the middle of the night when no relief for my back pain and I move out to the recliner.
    The Internet issue! I’m feeling u! I run on 1-2 bars. I’m too cheap to pay for regular. So mobile Internet only! Boo on hot jerk neighbor for leaving you internetless.

    I find it incredibly sweet for you to take your neighbor’s little girl with you to play in the snow. I bet she will enjoy it as much as you.

    I have not had a hysteroctmy. But I have hot flashes constantly and Hate cuddling!! Unless with Jailey!
    We love u. And btw, I would pay to read ur blog!


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