Daily note – Grammy Edition 1-31-10

I missed the first part of the show because I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition since it featured a cancer survivor.  After I collected myself from crying my eyes out…..I switched over to the Grammys.  However, I think you should all check out the show online at abc.com.  Or just go to http://www.relayforlife.org and join the fight!!!!

Anyway……I basically just sat and watched television with my iphone notepad in hand and jotted thoughts down as I watched.  I now bring you my inner most thoughts ;)……

Sixty Minutes did an interview prior to the Grammys.  One of the best I’ve seen in a while.  I heart beyonce. Awesome interview. She seems real.

I love diamonds. Just sayin. When those stupid commercials come on where some man is proposing to some woman and she looks all surprised…I melt…..and I hate to admit this out loud!

Andy Rooney…… he just isn’t afraid to say what he thinks….earthquake just might be a sign that life here is temporary.  He didn’t shove religion down your throat, yet he makes his statement and used his outlet on national television to say it……go Andy.

The Extreme Makeover featured a cancer survivor who is involved in Relay for Life (near and dear to my heart and the event I’m involved in here in Washington County)……..it was the story of Mrs. Creasey who is an extremely young woman to have colon cancer.  She is a teacher, three kids and a husband.  She, as one person raised $100,000 for Relay for Life.  Did you read that…..ONE PERSON.  I am amazed and inspired.  Boy do I have work to do.  Our whole area alone barely raised $30,000 last year.  Let’s get busy people!!!!

When I flipped to the Grammys, it was during a performance by Beyonce. She only had one earring.  Was that on purpose?

The sound throughout the whole show wasn’t the greatest in my opinion.  Half the presenters you could barely hear.  But then again, half of them looked like they had no clue what they were doing.  Speak into the mic people.

I would like to thank the colon cleansing program I started on Friday since I was stuck at home for just now starting to work at 8pm on sunday night

The most forced presentation of the night Most Def and Placido Domingo. Most def said it’s a pleasure to be with you at least three times and acted like him and PD were tight.  I’m pretty sure a) Most Def could barely read his teleprompter and b) has never even heard of Placido Domingo (or whatever his name is)

Rhianna…..how many birds died to make your outfit? Please also give your grandmamma her curtains back…they do not look good on your hips

Ok here goes….I’m about to say it and realize that I will piss off half of America but….as truly sorry as I am for the Haitians….was this the Grammys I’m watching or another Haiti relief telethon??

Andrew B…amazing performance of bridge over troubled waters…but…your eyes honey….please make them stop twitching

Why has the bleached top hair with darker bottom back? Mary J and Rhianna please explain

Katy Perry + Alice Cooper = train wreck….absolute train wreck

Who loves all the people who either present an award or get an award that absolutely none of the general public would know in Walmart. Just bc the artists should be kissing their rears doesn’t mean that the rest of us should  suffer through the horrid “unpersonalities” they have. You could give my second grade teacher a “presidents merit award” and I still wouldn’t have a clue what that means.

Enter lecture about “pirating”…..really?  This is like one of the lame emails that floats around our office sometimes…..you know with the kindergarton tone

Adam Sandler. I heart thee comedy.

Dave Matthews. Approved

Ricky Martin….”let me feel the heat Los Angeles”……oh Ricky….I hear Mexico is hot this time of year….why don’t you try there. We are not at a pep rally cupcake. It’s the Grammys

I mentally checked out for Maxwell performence.

Omg. Dan seals died!? I used to get a quarter everytime I would sit in my great uncles lap and sing the “beebop song”….

I do not care how hott you are…gold Lemay (sp?) is not appropriate…ever..especially in the form of a dress

Ncis commercials…strangely attracted to them.  Chris O Donnell and LL Cool J…..I’m developing a crush…consider yourself warned

If I ever become famous…please let Quinton Tarrintino introduce me in a polka dotted shirt and sunglasses.  What the heck?

Lil Wayne. I have much respect after I watched your story on vh1….but maybe you could pull your pants up?

Drake….you are pretty with a smooth voice…yes you can have my number

Did anyone notice the white boys in the pit trying to dance….entertaining

Wow. Taylor Swift first gets interupted by Kayne on one show then you don’t even see her presentation on this one when she wins the biggest award of the night.  Or I didn’t anyway. They ran commercials into it.  She can’t catch a break.  Maybe she should take this as a hint.

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