lately I’ve been thinking

Quote:  Whomever said nothing was impossible never tried slamming a revolving door

Song:  Ordinary People by Chantel Kreviazuk

Lately I’ve been thinking…….

–          I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a lot more daydreaming lately.  I mean, the kind of day dreaming like the Miss Piggy commercial where she envisions herself with Taye Diggs…..yeah, I guess I’m making up for all the “non-daydreaming” I did pre-estrogen

–          To date, the last two times I’ve rented movies from the movie store, I have returned them on time.  True story.  If you truly know me, you know how rare it is.  I’m sure Hastings is just as surprised as I am.  And…..I can’t imagine what it will feel like to rent my next set of movies and not hear “you have late charges of… you want to pay that?”

–          At one point in the last couple of weeks, the iphone was missing for 7 minutes.  This, by far, was the scariest, most tense 7 minutes ever.  I might be able to admit at this point that I have a minor addiction

–          Speaking of the iphone…..mine seems to be “sticking” and slow lately.  Would anyone (eck hm….apple/at&t) like to explain this to me?

–          I finally got cable…..and two of the highlights of that purchase was obviously 24…..and the evening news with Charlie Gibson on ABC.  But now it’s Diane Sawyer.  Why, oh why?  Where did Charlie go?

–          I completely realize as I type this that the questions I’m asking could probably be solved if I would just utilize google.  However, a) I think this random things throughout the day and just jot them on my notepad….and b) I couldn’t count this as “random thoughts” if I actually knew the answer to them right?

–          I’m not ashamed to admit that I like listening to the “Now That’s What I Call Music” series.  I’m a random song person anyway and rarely listen to a whole CD so…..this is the perfect thing for me to listen to.  Do you know what I’ve noticed on every CD?  Keith Urban has a song on every single CD.  Good for him I suppose, but completely random.

–          On my way to Indiana, I noticed all through Missouri there was a billboard, sign, etc about every couple of miles that labeled whatever they were advertising as “the world’s largest……” or “the biggest selection of”………or “the world’s best”…….well, if all of that is in Missouri what on earth am I living in Arkansas for?  I’m quite surprised that Missouri isn’t completely over populated.  This along with the advertisement every quarter mile for Meramac Caverns definitely makes me think I need to look at relocating.

–          I’ve had an overdose of reality tv in the last couple of days.  I really gotta watch out for that.  It’s VERY bad for me.  I’m also pretty discriminate.  I watch Little People Big World and am ok with that family…..but am scared of little people in general.  I know, they’ve done nothing to me, they are people too, etc and so forth.  But I’m still bothered by them.

–          In addition to the overdose of reality tv, I have gotten an overdose of commercials.  Apparently the newest Barbie out there is the puppy potty training Barbie.  It comes w/ dogs that pee or poop on newspaper…..and they even include this feature in their little jingle.  Interesting.  I can honestly remember when I was younger and the first babies that peed came out……it was so “shocking”……

–          Were you aware there was laser surgery for dogs?  I wasn’t but thanks to one of those fantastic billboards in Missouri…..I now know!

–          Another crazy commercial….the Bender Ball.  It’s just a ball.  But this lady patented it and now it’s the latest rage for a woman to obtain killer abs.  What have we learned from this?  That this is further proof that my “custom cup” bra should definitely be on the market.  I have a dream…..that someday this bra that has custom snap cups (since one is always bigger than the other) that will fit you perfectly will be invented.

–          Run’s House – I heart this show.  I have actually spent the majority of my day watching it.  I believe this is a genuine family.  I will be devastated if I find out otherwise.

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