April showers bring…..random Alicia thoughts that make no sense to anyone

Quote of the day:  So many clowns, so few circuses (from the book Follow Your Dreams….except the one where you dance naked to the Polka)

Song of the day:  It’s gonna be worth it

Product of the day: Lean Cuisine’s sesame chicken w/ noodles meal

Random thoughts:

– At the video store earlier I’m looking for a good comedy and see Marley and Me in this section.  Excuse me clerk who sorts movies at Hastings in Springdale…..if I cry so hard from a movie that snot is running down my face and my eyes are swollen shut….I do not consider this a comedy.

– Speaking of Hastings……I wanted to know if a specific movie was in.  Someone is already asking a clerk who is looking up that persons movie in their system.  Apparently it was Star Wars Episode 3.  The friendly clerk nicely informs the gentleman that it’s not in their store.  He thinks maybe someone may have rented it and never returned it.  The guy will not accept this answer.  He wants someone else called over to look.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that calling someone else over to look at the same screen isn’t going to make the movie appear.  Accept it sir, Star Wars Episode 3 is out.  I tried not to judge, but his nerdiness was a bit out of control

– Hello golf season at the Links in Springdale.  I keep thinking that maybe one day while I”m out walking the dog that some great golfer out on the course will see me and it will be love at first site.  But….I guess I should probably put more effort into the walk and wear something besides yoga pants and a t-shirt with my hair in a headband to help further that possible situation along huh? 🙂

– I now heart Gerard Butler.  As a matter of fact, I have a guy I deal with in New York named Gerard Briscoe (through work) and the other day I was emailing him and couldn’t figure out why his email wouldn’t go through………….then I discovered it……..I was emailing Gerard.Butler@——- instead of Gerard.Briscoe……..genius

– Weird Alicia Quirk number 435, I read backwards.  I start at the back of a magazine and read to the front.  I have no idea why…..but I do.

– I also for the life of me can’t seem to get rid of a magazine.  I keep them forever.  Why?  I guess I think I’ll refer back to them at some point?  Who knows….but if I don’t start getting rid of some soon, I’m going to turn them into furniture I have so many!

– For some reason I’ve been lonelier than normal lately.  I’m sure this is just the devil trying to interrupt my new found journey but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with in knowing that!  Is it wrong that I just want a guy who will spontaneously turn on Ray Lamontagne “you are the best thing” or just take me for a walk?  Does that exist even or is it the new estrogen pill talking?

– I recently read this funny status on someone’s facebook “Women are angels and when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly on a broomstick.  We are flexible like that”……..haha, funny

– When did disposable razors get so expensive?  $6.97 for a pack?  I might as well spend the extra 3 dollars and buy real refills.  Whatever happened to the $2.00 pack?

– Now that we’ve mentioned shaving….I am now officially in “shaving for a wreck mode”.  By that I mean I’m simply shaving just enough that if I’m in a wreck, the EMT’s won’t discuss how hairy my legs were.  I by no means take any amount of time to make it pretty.  Those days are in the past until something/someone gives me a reason to change my mind.

– Since I seem to be a mat that some choose to walk all over, I hope I’m at least a Persian rug.  I might as well be top of the line if I’m going to be what you use to rub  your muddy feet all over.

– I recently heard a chubby preacher address dieting.  He says “dieting can’t be good.  The word diet has DIE in it and ends with a cross….and that’s definitely dead”……there you have it 🙂

– I like to read my horoscope at the end of the day to see if it really came true versus reading them at the beginning of the day and trying to make my life fit around it.

– I recently got a notice on facebook that someone answered a question about me.  Well, you can’t see who answered without gaining a certain amount of coins.  I have no coins.  But, I do know that someone answered “no” to “do you think Alicia watches the show 24”.  obviously this person pays no attention to me and will be deleted if I ever get enough coins to see who it was that answered it.

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One thought on “April showers bring…..random Alicia thoughts that make no sense to anyone

  1. I also read magazines from the back. I think it’s because the pages are easier to turn that way. But then again it could be because we are rebellious and don’t want to read it in the order that the publisher intended. 🙂


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