As I was doing my ugly green, exfoliating mask regiment last night, I realized how much that ugly green mask relates to almost every aspect of my real life.  I also found a common problem, I don’t do it enough in either situation! 

The primary reason for exfoliating your skin with a mask is to get rid of the dead skin.  It’s refreshing and your face feels “airy” and “breathable” once you’ve done a treatment.  It’s recommended that you do it once to twice weekly (depending on which mask you use and the directions listed on each package).  We also sometimes exfoliate in “emergency” situations.  If you wake up the morning of an important event, you might do it so that you look as fresh as possible.

So, it seems more than obvious (and quite a simple concept), that we would apply a mask to our lives and exfoliate!  Why would we not put a mask (i.e. prayer, or whatever other meditation/relaxation method you use) on our lives and wash it off so that we can be refreshed and “breathable” again?

I think (and as far as my life goes) we get so bogged down with so many different things and situation that we feel like we are garbage cans that just need to be lifted up and dumped out!

However, the exfoliation for our lives should be to be able to move on to better things.  It does us no good to exfoliate only to bring the same things we wanted to wash off back into our lives.  Of course, this is often easier said than done and continues to be a struggle for myself and almost everyone I know.

So now that I’ve had this new revelation (and feel like it’s a very marketable concept )….I need to get off here and go exfoliate since I can honestly say this computer is a huge source of “dirt” for me 🙂

I am going to try and be more aware and exfoliate more often….I just hope it works.  Whether it be to delete friends that aren’t good for me, refrain from posting negative blogs and bulletins, or cutting people out of my life who don’t have my best interest in mind……I will be exfoliating soon…..

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