My Rear has been “ended” (from July 2007)

I hate being domestic sometimes!  I hate having to go to Wal-Mart…so naturally I put it off til the last minute…I run out of everything or use the shampoo to the last drop AND…I’m not scared to break out some trial sized stuff if I have it…just to keep from going.

Today, I couldn’t avoid it.  Unfortunately I am on some meds that I can’t skip and the refill issue is pretty important… I head to Wal-Mart.  I even leave my work clothes on (b/c I thought I was pretty cute today) thinking I just might Mr. Right in the frozen pizza section 🙂

As I’m standing in what seemed like the longest line on the planet waiting to pick up my prescription……I feel a slight nudge on my rear.  At first I didn’t pay attention, I just thought I was feeling things (or maybe I was hoping I was feeling a love tap ok! sue me!)  Then I feel another nudge….but not a human grope, or spat or anything of that sort… was more like a “cold, metal” feeling.

So, at this point I turn around to see a rather old man literally moving his cart back and forth into my butt!  I’m not makin this up folks, I have witnesses…….so I politely say excuse me thinking surely he doesn’t realize what he’s doing.  He laughs…..and says “oh, can you feel that”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Can I feel that?  Yes I can feel that but I’m not sure I was feeling it the way he intended.  Even the guy in front of me snickers b/c he can’t believe old man is trying to get his kicks with a shopping cart.

Thankfully, nice boy in front of me lets me go in front of him and rescues me from the cart violation (or maybe he wanted some cart violation of his own, I don’t know).

I feel slightly used by the old fart…….and I may need a long shower b/c I feel so violated……

And…….as I close….note, he had fiber powder and KY in his cart…..nice

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