The Three C’s

Rarely do I speak “out loud” on a “soap box” level in regards to religion.  I have been on an incredible (and somewhat new) journey for a few months in my faith and LOVE that I’m finally figuring some things out.  I’m torn because I’m at that place where I’m so excited to share the changes that have happened in my life and want to shout my faith from the rooftops, yet, I don’t want to “shove religion” down someone’s throat and “run them off” because of it.  I’m finding that’s all part of the journey and hopefully the more I grow in my walk, the more confidence I will gain to converse with others about that.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite things when people give me the opportunity to share my testimony and what brought the changes in my life!  I just sit in anticipation for someone to even remotely notice and ask “what’s different, what’s happened to you”.

I recently began a class at my church called The Master Plan of Evangelism.  Already, two weeks in, I’m engrossed in the book and gaining more and more excitement about what’s to come.  I’m learning how great the presence of God is in my life and how he literally directs me if I will let him, thus, this class.

Which brings us here.  I just have to share some things.  From the first night, there were things discovered that I can’t just sit and be quiet about.  I just keep thinking that if these thoughts are weighing this heavy on my mind, then it must be shared in hopes that someone else “gets it” or “needs it”.

The first night of class, the introduction in this book alone already stood out.  I find it most interesting so far that the book is over 40 years old, yet, it applies so well to my world today. It addressed evangelism in ways I haven’t ever looked at.  Of course I have looked at the term “evangelism” in the aspect of the tv guys who are a bit much for me!  But this book puts me in the roll of becoming an evangelist so to speak!

Ok, I’m already talking in circles so let me hurry and get to the point.  One of the first questions the book asks is “At this point, the question arises:  how do we go forward with an evangelism – a widening of the circle of faith so that it includes more and more people who have transformingly trusted Christ as Savior – that is continuous, contagious, and compelling?

And that is when the light bulb went off, wheels started turning, little people in my head started going nuts with ideas……..ok, it wasn’t all fireworks and such, but close.  I feel like the question was answered within the question.  And that is what I want to share!

The concept is somewhat simple.  You must become the three C’s mentioned.

First, you must be continuous.  You must be continuous in your prayer life, in your walk with God on a daily basis and continuous in living what you pray and study.  It has to be a daily habit for you to feed on the word of God and spend time with him in prayer.  Prayer was such a hard thing for me to grasp on to.  I had always done the basics as I had been taught by parents who never attended church.  So actually being intimate in my thoughts and requests with God was new territory for me that I wasn’t sure I would like.  But, thanks to a great book Secrets of a Secret Place……I was able to grow in that area and now spend more time in prayer than I ever have.  What’s even greater is that I’m seeing the benefits of that and watching my prayers being answered.  All because I have become continuous.

Next, we must be compelling.  Think of your life and your journey as a nice little walk on a path.  I prefer a cobblestone path in the beautiful countryside of Ireland J (but that’s just me)….anyway…..if you’re continuous on that path, you will eventually come to your destination.  As you continue on the path though and walk it long enough, you become comfortable in where you’re going and what’s ahead.  Along the way you meet people going the other way.  That is where you become compelling.  You are compelled to tell them what’s in the other direction, what to look for, or not to even go that way at all.  As you become compelling on your path, you will influence more than you know.  How amazing is that?

Contagious.  This word alone simply excites the pee out of me!  People are contagious in general.  Most are either a good contagious I would say, or bad contagious. For example, I’m both.  I’ve been told that when I’m in a good mood or excited and I walk into a group of people, I light the place up.  I’ve also been told that when I’m in a bad mood, everyone within a mile can tell and it creates a “tiptoe” or tense effect.  I’m working on the latter for sure.  Although I don’t think the 3 C’s have to happen in the order I’ve listed, I do feel the other two must be in some sort of order before Contagious can happen.  Once we are continuous in our walk with God, we become compelled to share, we then gain the confidence to be contagious.  How exciting is that?  How great is it to be so contagious that anyone in your presence can’t help but sense such goodness?????  I’m so excited typing it that I could shout Hallelujah right now…….but I will spare you the loud shouting 🙂

I can only hope that whether the people I’m surrounded with in my life (through work, facebook, and general day to day contact) notice the three C’s about me.  I see what an impact my dad had on people and how contagious he was.  I continue to see and hear the ripples he created in “life’s lake”.  Although I’m a work in progress…..I’m proud to be a blank canvas (bless the artist who is trying to draw my life out for me).

As much as I hope to apply this in my faith journey and my daily life with God, and as much as I want people to see me as a sweet spirit and to consider me an influence in making Jesus known in their life…..I also hope that in general (if you don’t consider yourself “religious” but have still read this anyway) people apply the three C’s in their life and use it for good 🙂


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