I really need to be applying wrinkle cream instead of writing this………4-26-2010

Song of the day: I’m Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilara

Quote of the day: People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.
Bob Hope

Product of the day: Ecotools body butter….L O V E it!

– I am beginning to believe that turquoise matches anything. I pretty much incorporate some form of turquoise jewelry into almost everything I wear. And I’m ok with that.

– So, I’ve had this horribly nagging cough for quite some time now (about three weeks)….I’ve blamed it on sinus stuff. I’ve had a fever off and on as well. Frankly I’ve just felt awful. Today, I have a follow up with my dr from the nice ER visit of blood pressure……. Apparently my violent cough (and trust me they are seriously violent cough attacks), and just general feeling of blahness is adverse reactions to a new blood pressure drug I was put on. The point of this? Two things. One, my insurance won’t cover this drug. This is my first experience w/ crappy insurance coverage and after ALL DAY on the phone with either my dr’s office or the insurance company, I have quickly learned that it sucks. It is more than scary to know that you truly have to have something to basically live and possibly not be able to get it. Two, what the heck has happened to me that I now have wrinkles, daily meds, and a fiber regiment?

– Why is facebook not working on my phone tonight?

– Let’s talk high heel shoes. I have a love for them. But it seems as in the last couple of years (or maybe I’m just now noticing) that I can’t for the life of me get the right sized shoe. If I buy a 7, my foot won’t remotely squeeze in it on a regular day (regular being when my cankles aren’t the size of my head and I’m not carrying enough fluid around to drown a school of salmon). Typically I wear a size 8. Well, that’s too big. As clumsy as I am I would put them on only to stand for about 2.2 minutes before slipping out of them and going down. As entertaining as that is for the general public, it’s quite troublesome for me. Now, we’re left with the choice of 7 ½ . Well that’s all fine and good……..except, as nicely as they seem to fit when first putting them on……..by the time you take a few steps in them or by the middle of the day, my foot (toes) have slipped down toward the front of the shoe and now there is room in the heel and they start slipping which essentially creates the same problem as the size 8. Is anyone feeling me on this or have the people in my head gotten me worked up over nothing again?

– Random: Today I’m driving by a field in Johnson (early this morning actually) and there are now a few horses in the once empty little pasture. One horse is clearly interested in another horse and making flirty-like gestures to exhibit said likeness. It was almost cute for a bit. Later today, I’m driving back past the same field, with the same horses, and the same horse from earlier was making a move on another horse….who within about three seconds hiked up it’s back legs and kicked the flirty horse in the face. I was fascinated by this. Poor horse, clearly he has no game.

– I just don’t feel like tanning this year. I apologize although I’m not sure why I would say I’m sorry for not laying in a bed which is sure to cause some form of cancer, which I now have a 60% higher chance of getting now that I’m on hormones since my hysterectomy. I just have no desire to go lay in a bed, stand and be sprayed, etc and so forth. Sure, it’s only 10 or 20 minutes, but I just don’t have it in me. Maybe my mind will change when I catch more and more people whispering about all the whiteness being exposed. Because if you think I’m not going to wear a dress this summer (my favorite articles of clothing) then you’re crazy.

– There is still a lot going on in my life and I’m starting to accept that this is just going to be life for me. The difference in “now” versus “then” is that the “lot going on” is for the better and so much better these days! But the one thing I’ve learned or that I’ve decided is that there is no plan B. I have made some decisions for myself and have no backup plan. There is no “what if it doesn’t work”……that is no longer an option in most areas of my life. And I like it!

– I suppose I should wrap this up for today since technically I was supposed to clean and finish laundry tonight, which has instead been moving clothes from the dryer (days ago) to the couch, to the bed (where I thought I might actually fold them and put them up) to now probably back to the couch since I’m up way past my bedtime and need them out of the way so I can sleep 🙂


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