Running (and I’m not even being chased)

There is no other way to describe me at this point other than just plain crazy.  I’ve always been one to jump in with both feet, head first,  belly buster type attitude.  Well, I’ve really done it now…..

During a complete loss of brain cells today, I talked myself into running a ½ marathon.  In case you don’t know, that’s 13.1 miles.  I can’t currently run 13.1 feet, much less 13.1 miles.  So why did I do this?  How am I going to accomplish it?  What do I need from you?

So glad you asked…..

Why did I do this? The American Cancer Society has a group called DetermiNation.  People who run races and raise money for fighting cancer all at the same time.  I will be participating in the New Orleans Mardi Gras Rock N Roll race (  When they asked why I was doing it, this was my answer:  To inspire myself to conquer the world all while showing the world that I fight cancer.

As cheesy as that sounds, that is a genuine statement.  Running period, much less consistently, MUCH LESS taking up this kind of commitment may not touch or affect one other person….but it has sparked something within me.  And we all know that when we get that spark for something, our inspiring attitude can be contagious!!!!

But also…….

–          I have never, in my life, truly accomplished or completed anything.  I come from a town where if you weren’t rich enough, or weren’t a skinny person, you were essentially considered worthless.  I have battled this my entire life and it haunts me today even though I have moved to a bigger/better place geographically and mentally.  Basically I’ve never felt good enough or had enough faith in myself.  Well, those days are over.  I want to run this race to prove to absolutely nobody but myself that I can.  It’s my own way of conquering my world…….I’m tapping into my inner bad-ass so to speak and pushing myself to limits I’ve never been brave enough to test before.

–          My dad.  I’ve struggled more in the last 6 months with his cancer journey and death.  I couldn’t cure him.  I couldn’t diagnose him.  I will never look through a microscope and find the cure for cancer.  But….I can speak, I can help raise money to fund those that can find the cure, I can give my time……and if running 13.1 miles raises that one single dollar that saves that one daddy from having to leave his family…..then I can run that and more!!!!!!!!

–          The American Cancer Society is an organization that I believe in with a passion I didn’t even know existed within me.  I have met some researchers and doctors who are using our money for amazing things.  A cure is right around the corner!!!

How on earth am I ever going to accomplish it? I honestly have no idea.  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.  But, I’m going to train a lot, pray even more, and beg for your moral support.  Random notes, tips/hints of running, product hook ups, or even better, someone actually running with me are going to be detrimental to my success.  I’m going to need an over abundance of encouragement and help, especially with recently being diagnosed with some health issues that are not going to be forgiving of my situation!

What do I need from you? Each DetermiNation runner is expected to raise $1300 by Jan 31st.  That means I have a TON of work to do besides just training to run and not die during the race.  ANY and I genuinely mean ANY amount that you would be able to donate to help me towards this goal would be more appreciated than you would ever know.  I can’t run the race without it and would be devastated to actually physically be in a position to accomplish my goal but financially fail!  However, aside from that, there are other things you can do to help me….here’s what I’m thinking…..

The obvious moral support is needed (and needed constantly). I love music and will be relying heavily on my ipod so any song suggestions would be fantastic.

Running equipment. I have no idea what the best stuff is to use.  I currently have a very old pair of tennis shoes.  I’m too poor to buy an expensive pair and don’t even know if they make workout/running clothes big enough for big girls like me.  Ideally I would like to have one of those heart monitor watch thingys, a good pair of shoes and socks and most definitely a good sports bra for these huge knockers I have to tote around every day (trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be).  So any advice, hook ups, etc in that area would be FANTASTIC.  I think it would be awesome to find a running store, athletic store who would get behind me and support this by donating some stuff.  Know what I mean?  I’m one of only two people IN THE WHOLE STATE OF ARKANSAS who will be doing this!  So, if you know of any places that might could help out in the product area, I’m not ashamed to beg for an “in”.

Hire me!!!!! PLEASE!!  I am willing to do odd jobs to raise money for myself.  Babysitting, ironing, cleaning, errand running, absolutely whatever you need that you’re willing to hire me for (that’s legal of course) I would love to do!  I will also be doing some serious photography deals in November so watch for those.  If you don’t take advantage of those deals, you’re just crazy!!! J

I will be tracking my progress in blogging and in pictures.  I’m taking a before or “day one” picture tomorrow and hopefully there will be enough of a physical change within me to document via photos J  If you’re interested, I would love to have you follow me and drop a note from time to time!

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read this and entertain the latest crazy!  I want to rock this out and I know I have it in me to do it!!!!  I think my dad would be so proud of me for doing this (I hope he would anyway)…….and that’s motivation enough for me to get started!

Love you all!

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