Spandex and Cellulite (part of the Running Without Being Chased series)

How has my training/progress been thus far? Well, today is probably not the day to ask……because I just have one word C R A P P Y! I’m having a horrible day with this. I honestly, have no idea how I’m going to do it. How on earth am I going to finish a ½ marathon AND raise the required $1300 in the process??????? A good friend told me to go back and read the reason I posted on my DetermiNation page for doing this at all. He’s right, that read helped. But…….here are the thoughts and random things I’ve noticed thus far.

– Running on a treadmill, in a gym, with a huge flat screen TV displaying the Food Network or “Man vs Food” is not the best motivator. Nothing makes me wanna hop off the treadmill and head to Doe’s faster than seeing the huge, greasy chesseburger on a HUGE flat screen. All while I’m supposed to be running a steady pace on a machine that is not made of chocolate, grease, or alcohol.

– Running next to the hott guy who seems to run at a pace of at least 6.5 for at least the 45 minutes I’m there is not motivating either. And trying to pretend I can keep up with him and look like I have no problems breathing while running is something I’ve not even remotely mastered. Watching him tonight seriously made me want to trip him.

– I’ll be honest. I love my boobs. But the “southern engineering” I have to do in the form of two and sometimes three sports bras just to run is for the birds. Absolutely for the birds.

– Eating Italian food before a run is just plain stupid.

– I have not had a beer since I signed up for this race.

– I’m becoming scaringly comfortable in my bright pink almost spandex shirt. I dare someone to say something about it to me other than how fabulous I look in it.

– As much advice that has been given, and promises from people to run with me, I’m learning (the hard way through disappointment) that I’m truly the only person I can depend on through this. As much as I would love to have a coach every single day for the next few months, when it comes down to it, I’m the only one who’s going to be responsible for doing it. I’ve never taken on a project this big by myself that I can ever remember. So this should be an interesting lesson. However, if the people who promise stuff keep canceling, they are off my gift list.

– There are some days when I finish my workout like a champ and think “hmmm….I actually kinda like this running business and can’t wait to be further along”…….today was not that day. All I thought about today was everything that hurt, when can I be done, and I don’t even care about sucking in so that this outfit doesn’t look so hideous.

– Another TMI/honesty moment. Running makes me gassy. Or I’m gassy and running brings it out. Either way, it’s disturbing and makes for too much for me to concentrate on while running. First I am just trying to run without dying. Then I have to incorporate coordination of not falling which we all know is difficult for me. Next I have to try to remember how to breathe correctly. Suck in the fat. And now I have to concentrate on not passing gas too? UGH…….I think tomorrow I’ll just try running outside and be free !!!!!!! : – )

– I’ve noticed that I’m not as hungry after a run. So…….if I am not hungry and start eating less….this has to at some point lead to losing weight right? OR….does the Taco Bell totally negate this theory? : – )

This HAS to get better.  I HAVE to accomplish this.  I think I will read at least 100 times why I do this tonight (posted what I wrote about that below)……in hopes that I get it in my head that I CAN do this!

I could REALLY use some cheerleaders today!!!!

Why I’m Running:

I’ve struggled more in the last 6 months with my dad’s cancer journey and death than ever before.  I couldn’t cure him.  I couldn’t diagnose him.  I will never look through a microscope and find the cure for cancer.  But….I can speak, I can help raise money to fund those that can find the cure, I can give my time……and if running 13.1 miles raises that one single dollar that saves that one daddy from having to leave his family…..then I can run that and more!!!!!!!!

–          The American Cancer Society is an organization that I believe in with a passion I didn’t even know existed within me.  I have met some researchers and doctors who are using our money for amazing things.  A cure is right around the corner!!!

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2 thoughts on “Spandex and Cellulite (part of the Running Without Being Chased series)

  1. I think you’re spectacular n pink is one hot color on you! Yes you need to hold yourself accountable but it does help to have support. So let me know what D and I can do, other than let you run on my treadmill inside gas worry free! ❤ u!! N that heart sign looks like boobs to me, fyi


  2. You are amazing!! That sums it up pretty much. I love you and I love your spirit. It’s only going to get better from here my love. It’s all going to be worth it. Sooo many wonderful things are going to come out of what you’re doing….physically and mentally….spiritually…so many good things. Keep it up sister…if anyone can make something happen, you can : ) You are such a strong person. Hang in there honey…good things are going to happen for you.


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