This year part deux


It’s a little later than I planned….but here’s part two of my thoughts on my 2010………..

–          You have to agree that you are less and someone else is more to be inferior.

–          The fabulous thing about a telephone is that people can call you too.  I’m sick of doing all the work to make a friendship with one person with no return, which takes away from the people who are trying to be a part of my life. (This will not continue into 2011)….It’s not something I’m bitter or mad about anymore.  I just won’t do it anymore.

–          Recently a remix to the song “I’ve had the time of my life” was done by some modern pop/hip hop group.  In listening to this (as it is extremely over played on the radio) I realize there is probably “kids” out there everywhere who have never even heard the original.  Following that thought was the thought of “wow, I’m getting older”…and there is nothing I can do to change it.

–          Politically Correct terms seem to be overrunning everything.  Including dating website.  Now, instead of being a db out loud or having enough balls to say “I don’t want a big girl”….guys have resorted to saying “I prefer girls who lead healthy / active lifestyles” or “Someone more active is better for me”.  Ok, before you think I’m being too harsh….TRUST ME when I tell you that I’ve tested the theory.  I am leading a healthy, active lifestyle…….but I’m still not a size two.  Turns out 4 out of the 5 guys I contacted with this approach (minus the I’m still not a size two part of the comment) still wouldn’t buy into it.  I wasn’t a match based on my physical appearance.   I am not necessarily faulting them for what they want… want what you want (I happen to want a tall, dark headed, sharp dressed man)….BUT…JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT….stop with the beating around the bush so that people don’t think you’re a tool already!

–          One of the best Sunday afternoons in 2010 was spent reading old (and very well written) love letters from a dear, dear person in my life.  People don’t do that enough anymore (write letters or spend Sunday afternoons just reminiscing and not being busy).

–          I LOVE that iPods don’t skip after you’ve listened to a song too much.  Because there have been many songs that got me through this year that would’ve easily ruined a CD after being played OVER AND OVER.

–          There isn’t any situation that interrupting to watch a Keenan Cahill video on YouTube won’t fix or make better.

–          Best overheard statements this year came from my first grade small group at church:

o   When asked “how do you get past things that bother you or make you sad in life”, a little girl answers “Miss Alicia, you just gotta let it go….you just do.  Be happy.  That’s all it takes

o   “girls just really are sensitive things” – said by a first grade boy of course

–          Back to dating….bottom line…why am I single?  I finally figured it out…I’M JUST NOT CRAZY ENOUGH.  It’s that simple.  Men are looking for crazies……and as crazy as I am, I promise you it’s not enough.  Trust me.

–          When you feel dog tired, it might be because you growled all day long.

–          74 days ago (according to the notepad on my iphone) I typed a status update (I try to type them all there first before posting to check for errors – yes, I’m that retarded)….it read “they say admitting your problem is the first step in healing….Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m struggling more than I ever thought I would and am more broken than I care to talk about.  There, now, please fast forward to the cool chick I know that I am”…..WOW….75 DAYS AGO….and 75 days later, I am feeling better than I never have before…EVER IN MY LIFE…..amazing what can happen in a short amount of time.

–          In hard times I learned three things, I was stronger than I ever imagined, Jesus was closer than I ever realized, and I was loved more than I ever knew.

–          In one of my many melt down sessions of 2010 (thank HEAVENS for great friends who allowed them)….they said to me “Alicia, you are a beautiful, amazing woman…your heart is just too big for most to understand”……and that is quite possibly the nicest thing someone has ever said to me.  And whether it’s true or not, it definitely made me feel better.

–          I will NEVER in my life apologize again for being loud, a chatty cathy, social or whatever other words you associate with me that in the past have been associated with negative things.  ALL of the things I am are what makes me ME and I LOVE every single characteristic.

–          What God wants for the world goes way beyond whether we get rained on or not.

–          Brain cells come, brain cells go, fat cells live forever.

–          Self doubt is possibly the most destructive thing a person can do to themselves.

–          Finding a note on my iphone from 957 days ago by a little girl that I adore (Savannah) still makes me smile every single time I read it as if it were the first time I saw it.

2010 was a journey, a discovery……I had a plan for how it was gonna be…..and NONE of it went even remotely according to that plan.  However, it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  I had no idea that it was just preparation for how AMAZING 2011 is going to be

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