I love the Old Spice commercials

I can’t help myself! I love them…..anyway, let’s get started and get you all caught up!

– You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims.

– What everyone thinks of you is none of your business.

– If we all had luck to rely on, nobody would need to show up for practice

Three great quotes I read lately.

-I’ve realized (or it was brought to my attention) that it is necessary to have frequent updates (despite what some might think) of Alicia. If you miss more than a couple of days…..you miss a lot. You go a week or more, and you might as well schedule half a day to catch up. I’m not saying this is good or bad, I’m just saying it’s evident that I really do have a lot going on. Who really cares? But due to high demand, I am seriously going to try to write more.

– I’ve had an overwhelming urge to get another tattoo lately. I don’t know if you can say something “classy” and tattoo in the same sentence….(even though I tried to say that about my first tattoo when it clearly is the opposite)…..but I have been thinking about a small purple ribbon somewhere but am torn on where to put it. I have factors to think about, like, the cellulite in relation to ink absorption, working in corp America and how that’s viewed, etc…..so torn

Dove Chocolates wrappers – you disappoint. I remember when they first came out how I felt compelled to save all of them since they were so short/sweet yet “profound”…..the last ten I’ve opened (not in the same sitting of course) have all been repeats and lame. Maybe a “reorg” is in order Dove? Huh? I think so! The women who eat your chocolate and rely on your aluminum foil wisdom demand more!!!

– HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth leadership seminar) BEST THING I’ve done in a long time. Awesome weekend. You older folks (as in folks my age) better step it up. These kids are amazing and are going to take over someday! I just hope one of them designs an amazing old people’s home for me to live in. As with any weekend “camp” type atmosphere, there were cheers, lots of em, that I’m still saying a month later! All joking aside….what are you doing to lead? Sure, you can say “not everybody is a leader”…fine, go with that if you want….but DO SOMETHING. You don’t have to be as loud or as crazy as me to do it….but do something to make a dang difference somewhere.

– Bring your full self to everything you do. Period. No argument or excuses anymore. Live this way.

– I can’t believe I did a half marathon over 2 months ago. Still can’t believe it….yet I forget it and this week alone have let situations/people get me down…….not cool. Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us. I’m about to enter serious redefining and rebranding mode. Stay tuned.

– What’s more embarrassing than having “happy birthday” sang to you at a Mexican restaurant with a stupid sombrero placed on your head? Having all the old people at your mom’s country church sing it to you. Ok, it’s really not worse, but way more uncomfortable and embarrassing J I LOVE that she was sweet enough to have them do it. I just felt like the walls were gonna fall in since I’m way more comfortable with a sombrero and margarita. I survived it, it was sweet, they are “good as gold” and I do not even remotely deserve them.

PLEASE for the love of all that is holy…..learn the difference between YOU and YOU’RE and use them correctly. I seriously have to walk away from the computer when I see this on facebook and it’s bordering on me rocking back and forth in a corner with my hands over my ears.

– Why do people over apologize? We are all guilty of it. The other day I was coming out of the bathroom. I wasn’t doing it incorrectly…I opened the door to come out like any other human would. A woman was coming in at the same time so we met face to face yet I said “oh, I’m sorry”…..what did I do wrong? It just got me thinking about how much we apologize for silliness and wondering why we do it? It’s probably some deep rooted childhood issue that goes back to the fact that my parents never forced me to exercise

– I have a problem that needs serious intervention. I am NOTORIOUS for getting that icky feeling that a guy is not interested in me (or just a person in general is not interested in being my friend) and I keep talking to them anyway. It’s almost like a silent dare to confront the situation and yell at me to go away……or on the flip side….thinking I’ll change their mind. I can’t stop, no matter how hard I try. You know that bitter polish you can buy to make someone stop biting their nails? I need something like that for this problem.

– I may have listed this before, but it’s written in my random notebook (yes, I keep a notebook in all areas to jot down randomness – you’re welcome)…….I found an old journal where apparently at one time I was happily married. It’s funny how a) I was actually writing about being happily married and b) that when the bad happens we usually remember that so much more.

-I long to be as funny as a lot of my friends (Raigon, Tyler, Chris Pigg, oh the list goes on) THEY ARE HILARIOUS and make me laugh til I hurt. I think they should make guest appearances on here don’t you? BETTER YET, I REALLY think there should just be a once a week podcast of some sort where we just sit and talk and you laugh….who’s in?

-It’s time. It’s time Alicia starts dating again. But dating for the right reasons this time. No serial dating. No losers, no fixer uppers, etc. I think I’m over the pink panty situation. However, I will not date or settle just to have a warm body. No online dating. Good, quality dates. Oh, who am I kidding? Never mind. We’ll come back to this later.

-VOTE: here are the hot topics I’ve listed to write about…..but who wants to write if nobody reads it? So, you get to vote America……the topics are below….let me hear from you!

Glass vase (this one is going to be serious/insightful/profound)

Country Churches/Yell County Mentality

Signs of Healing (another serious one)

Online Dating 102 (I’ve posted 101 before but apparently men aren’t getting it)

Texting/Chatting Etiquette – Alicia Style

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One thought on “I love the Old Spice commercials

  1. Other grammatical things people need to get a grip on.
    1. Are and Our and two totally different things – please learn the difference.
    2. There, they’re and their
    3. A lot is TWO words!

    These all make me crazy, and even as I type I feel a bit of frustration bubbling up inside my chest desperately wanting to come out and attack the first offender I see today.

    Please do a yell county mentality post.


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