Basic Math and Other things to know According to Alicia

This could get wordy……just warning you

“@GreatestQuotes: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – Erin Majors”
Math scenario numero uno:  Three texts discussing Easter Sunday service times and when to meet minus one text four minutes before service starts stating how you won’t be joining me divided by the fact that I CLEARLY stated I was rearranging my schedule and missing on the service my friends were going to just to make sure you wouldn’t go alone……equals:  me no longer trying to get blood out of a turnip (i.e. trying to be there while you sort through your severely screwed up life)

I had math scenario two typed up but it just didn’t make any flipping sense and I’m not in the mood…, just riddle me this Batman…….how long am I supposed to go with no response from a person before I consider myself ignored and move them to my “just plain rude and not giving anymore energy to this” list? And, just for the record, I don’t think it’s fair for me to be labeled as “pushy, crazy, stalker” or any other word of that nature if I choose to confront the fact that you seem to be ignoring me.  Nobody (or nobody that I know) likes to feel that way at all or feel like the weirdo that you want to just go away.  So if I’m brave enough to confront, be courteous enough to discuss.

Math scenario number three:  Me being me and bumping into one person that is equally as awesome times great convos and hang outs divided by the square root of some apparent unfinished ex business plus clearly being torn in whatever way and not knowing what they want equals Alicia seriously over analyzing and ultimately getting her feelings hurt.  Live and learn folks, live and learn.  I’m only here to serve as a warning for you and what you shouldn’t do!

Just because you meet new people who go to church doesn’t mean you should get all excited thinking you’re going to have great new friends.  I was trying to surround myself with good people. Fail. They probably just think I’m crazy.  I sought leadership and actually felt less than them…..this is the first moment I’ve felt this way since my “awakening journey” began and since my marathon (and we all know how much stronger I felt after that.  Although I’m sad that things seem to be going the way they are in this particular case….I’m SO GLAD, that I at least recognize it and am letting it go (thus the releasing via writing) versus torturing myself further and “chasing” people to hopefully make them like me at some point.  I’m just me, sitting over here, growing and changing and becoming amazing…..but you go on ahead over there.  It is nice not to beat myself up automatically thinking it’s all me….anywhoooooo….more than enough about that.

I really do hate being “that girl” who just typed a whole bunch of code which is obviously related to boy issues.  I promise.  I’m sorry that you had to suffer through it and I appreciate your loyalty to me anyway.  But we all know if I don’t say it out loud, I turn into one crazy beast……and since I can’t say it to the people involved, I’ll just type it out loud for the world wide web to endure! 🙂

“@GreatestQuotes: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – Erin Majors”

I think I posted this the other day, but I liked it better when I was younger and didn’t put the whole thunder follows lightening thing together.  Now I see lightening, I cringe knowing thunder is to follow but still get anxious wondering just how loud it’s going to be.  I’m a chicken.  True story in more ways than one.

My life is now based on post-its.  When I was washing my face tonight I noticed three on my bathroom mirror.  I find this to be a sad existence…..or the sign of a brain tumor controlling the part of my brain that remembers anything anymore.

Now, let’s move on to some online etiquette shall we?

Since both of these places ( and facebook) could have pages upon pages of things to note, I will try to condense and hit the high points here…..maybe we’ll do a special for each of them at a later time?


–          If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times.  KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR AND YOU’RE AND USE IT ACCORDINGLY

–          If you are going to comment on someone’s status, PLEASE for the love of facebook, make sure your comment is relevant to the topic they posted.  For example:  If Jane posts “Man, I love the sale going on at the book store today”……DO NOT put a comment that says “Hey Jane, what happened on your street last night, I heard the cops were there”……make a separate comment or private message. (or any other dating website for that matter)

-First and foremost, get over the part about being shy and embarrassed about being on there.  Those times of this whole online dating being a faux pas have passed.  If you’re going to be that weird about it (and yes it’s weird to want to be so private about a PUBLIC DATING SITE), at least find one friend that you trust to “keep it on the down low” and help you out.  Having another person (a person who knows you well) give you insight on how they see you will help how you present yourself.  Plus (as we will discuss shortly) it will be helpful to have someone take your picture so you don’t have to have those dreaded self portrait shots in the bathroom mirror to post!

-And while my fingers are hot from typing that topic, let’s just address pictures.  PEOPLE (yes, even the ladies)…it is IMPARITIVE (say it with me – IMPARITIVE) that you have good quality photos.  Period.  I shouldn’t even have to say anything beyond that, but I feel like you’re going to need further explanation.  Pick a variety of photos, some close, some not so close, some that incorporate your lifestyle, etc.  ALL OF THEM should be CURRENT photos.


You with other women.  Doesn’t matter who they are……if you post a picture of yourself with a woman, all that does is COMPLETELY divert attention from you and what you have to say about yourself driving the person viewing you to try and figure out who on earth that woman could be.  Seems silly I know, but it’s a proven fact.  Deal with it and address it accordingly by avoiding it all together.

You in questionable attire.  Men, despite what you may think (or have been told by some misguided soul) we do not want to see you shirtless with short shorts on.  We just don’t.  Actually I would dare say that the majority of us don’t care to see you shirtless at all.  If you look that great shirtless, all we’re going to think is that you’re full of yourself.  Ladies, this should be a no brainer, but keep it classy.

Everything but you.  We don’t care about your boat, probably will coo at your animal pet pics, and could care less about a mountain you climbed, if we don’t get to see one picture of you.

No picture at all.  Fail.  And don’t give me this mumbo jumbo about being in a high profile position and not wanting to people to see you automatically.  Unless you’re Bradley Cooper or Justin Beiber, you’re really not going to have to worry about your server shutting down over so many messages.  Promise.  But, if you insist on being this way, then you MUST list that you have pictures readily available upon request in the first line of your “about me section”.  We cool?

–          Username:  I also think this one should be a no brainer but with names like “fatnastyhobbit”, “hornecowboy67”, “Ceasar4Cleopatra” and “I’m_alone2much”…….obviously it needs to be discussed.  I don’t care if you just have to list your initials and your favorite number…..that is always better than “postal4you”.  *sigh*

My consulting services are available.  I feel like I can change the world once profile at a time bringing people closer!! Ha!!!

Well this completely took a different direction and way gripier tone than I intended so thanks if you made it to this sentence!  Lets hope that Alicia gets some down time and recouping in soon from the crazy schedule lately so that we can get back to our regularly scheduled notes huh?

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