Just cleaning out my fake notepad

Happy Sunday.   After going through my fake notepad (the notepad on my phone that I don’t consider real because I can’t actually “write” on it with a pen…….I decided I better unload some bloggage so that when I actually have a good one or more than one good point, it doesn’t get clouded by the below randomness that has zero point at all.  

Quote:  (got two from a recent banquet where Jimmy Dykes spoke)

  1.  If people followed your example instead of your advice where would you be leading them?
  2. Is your problem today your problem or is your problem your attitude about your problem?


I am a complete sucker for my local country stations’ “Classic Sundays”.  The past few Sundays I have just turned on the radio versus the tv and listened to old country music.  It reminds me of my childhood since my grandparents and parents listened to that genre.  It also reminds me of all those little love moments I had, breakups that I thought would rip my heart out, and just good summer porch songs.  Now, if I can just get the man friend to incorporate dancing in the kitchen to this scenario, it would be perfect : )…..well until a Dwight Yokam song just came on.  Fail.  He’s always been a buzz kill for me. 

You know those captcha things that you have to use sometimes so that whatever site you’re on knows you’re not a bot or whatever?  Well, they make me nervous.  I can’t see them.  Hardly ever.  So I’m always in a mini panic when I have to enter them.  Who cares I know.  But for some random reason, the thought of being mistaken for a bot apparently does not settle well with me.

Heard a GREAT speaker/pastor this morning.  You know I try not to shove it down your throat, but this morning was worth repeating.  It applies no matter what you believe.  If you have the wrong information, you will have the wrong picture in your mind……if you have the wrong picture in your mind, you will have the wrong expectation of the future.  G O O D S T U F F

The more I gather “quotes” or funny things my new boyfriend says, the more I’m starting to think he should get his own blog.  If I come up with a clever name….it’s on….and then nobody will even remember that guy who started Sh!t My Dad Says : )

Speaking of the man friend……today’s quote that I remember (cause he literally makes me laugh so many times through the day that I can’t remember everything)…….I was getting ready for church this morning and commenting that I was so light headed that I thought I might pass out.  He says “oh honey, you can’t do that….cause then your mouth would be closed and you couldn’t tell us what to do” ……I’m quite certain that I a) should be embarrassed that it took me a minute to catch on to the sarcasm  and b) should probably have scolded him for his remark….except for the fact that he’s kinda right and seems to catch on quick. 

The above wasn’t that entertaining to you?  Can’t relate?  Well….then maybe you can relate to his quote from “chili night”.  He makes a huge pot of chili that is super spicy.  He makes himself a HUGE bowl and proceeds to sit at the table.  My initial concern is can he even eat all of that!  My second concern is that earlier in the day he had promised me a night of romance and candles (which is rare for me to even be excited about).  When I mention “so, I’m probably not getting any romance tonight am I?”, he (without missing a beat) says “oh no babe, we shouldn’t be anywhere around open flames when I finish this bowl of chili”……yep, that’s some comfortability I’m not sure I’m quite ready for : )


I’m not sure if I could continue my job without Spotify on my  computer.  And I’m seriously going to have to work on my initial reaction to those who interrupt me while listening. 

One of the many things I have been spoiled with lately is my car being detailed one random day.  A ton of CDs were found and in adding the mixed mess to my itunes library tonight, I’m a bit embarrassed of some of the stuff that is playing.  And apparently there was a really bad breakup at some point since 3 cds in a row had nothing but girl anthems and angry music.  I could’ve been bitter but you’ll never get me to admit it : )

My life improved dramatically the second that I discovered Anthony Evans.  Google him or whatever…….but discover him for yourself.

The highlight of my week you ask?  The return of Sophia Grace and Rosie to the Ellen show.  I literally texted friends to notify them to be sure they watched.  I’m not sure if I should be excited that my life is so good right now that little things excited or that my life has changed so dramatically lately that little things like this are all I have time to notice

I firmly believe that there are days that whomever is in charge of “the speed of the day” literally walks away and forgets that we are all sitting around waiting on the day to quit dragging.  Or at least that was the theory I came up with when my day was dragging Thursday. 

No matter what religion you are or are not, you’re crazy if you don’t get a kick out of the fact that last weekend when I asked my kids if they had any praise reports to share with the class, one girl replies with “oh yeah, I got one miss Alicia, my mom got a new tattoo”…….special….every single time I teach these kids I question whether I’m even remotely guiding them correctly.  Responses like that would leave you to believe that I clearly am not : )

I also find it extremely amusing what home stories kids bring to class.  Of course I keep what serious stuff they say very confidential.  But I often wonder if parents realize how much their kids open up about in class.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot easier to face a certain woman who I was normally intimidated by when her daughter opened up one day : )

Nothing too special this go round, but I figure you should at least stay caught up through boring times and good times : )





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