Slideshow torture

I have SO MUCH to catch up on and SO MUCH that I want to share…..I need another week off to get all the writing done.  Isn’t it funny how you feel “blocked” and then a tidal wave of topics comes flooding in….AND THEN you’re out of time….ANYWAY….since I was so blessed to be taken to such a great place for personal retreat, I wanted to share some of the great photos that captured this geographic beauty 🙂

And then the writing will come!  Soon! 🙂

I find it funny that this morning I felt like I was carrying a lot around that I need to unload and not sure when I’m going to get to do it on here like I want….and the guest pastor at our church referred to something his grandfather used to say in reference to “carrying the weight of the world”

He said “if you’re carrying all the feathers that you can, could you carry one more feather”……nope 🙂 i couldn’t….so…until some of the feathers are gone, enjoy some pictures that are way better than any words I could use to describe it 🙂


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