It’s Raining Randomness

It’s just been too long since the randomness in my head (that sometimes actually makes it to a notepad) has been shared.  I have no idea if you embrace your randomness as much as I do…….but you should.  I’m definitely not ashamed.  I’m also probably not fully aware how crazy it probably makes me look sometimes to throw random things I think about out there and not care if anyone gets it.

Anyway, let’s get started

Airplanes:  man do I love airplanes and airports.  I truly long for a job where I travel all the time and just meet people.  I think I’m supposed to be a public speaker, although I have no real idea what on earth I would speak about other than life experiences. I’m just waiting on the networks to call.

In traveling today, we will start the randomness off with my airport/airplane observations

Right off the bat when I parked, I took a pic of the lot I was in.  I’m not even sure how to feel about the fact that I’m only going to be gone approximately 36 hours and will never remember where I parked.  What’s even worse is that when I look at the picture, that probably won’t even help.

Grown man, business like, ipad, looks very serious and important like he “makes things happen”.  He fires up the ipad once we get going and then starts playing some sprinkler water slide type game.  I am not judging….secretly I’m DYING to ask him to play….but he seems way too serious to share.

I’m sitting next to the sweetest looking young guy.  He is part of some mine rescue group (there were lots of them).  I almost started talking to him, I wanted to hear his story.  Then he pulls out his laptop, starts it up and pulls up some diagram that looks like a combination of the periodic table, 3rd grade finger painting and maybe a few medical dissertations.  He is reading it with an ease I can’t even explain.  I turn back to this blog.  My eyes hurt just looking at how smart it looks and how smart he probably is.  We will just stick to the simple words here, k? J

Skymall magazine:  Oh how much joy you bring me.  This really deserves it’s own blog but I’ll try to condense here.

  •                 Metal hamburger meat press.  Great…just what I need.  They offer a video with it to show you how to use it.  If you need a video to show you how to make a hamburger patty before you grill or fry it……you need more than skymall magazine.  EVEN I CAN do that…..
  •                 Want a showerhead that shoots out colored, illuminated water?  They’ve got it.  And I won’t even lie, I want it….you know why?  Cause EVERYDAY is a concert in my shower anyway.  Add colored water and a light show and I would never make it to work.
  •                 Live in a small apartment and don’t really have room for a dining set.  No worries at all.  This magazine has a secret, ninja, library looking thing that sits there unnoticed until you have a guest.  Then BAM, it pulls out to make a small round table and two bench seats.

Ok, I’ll stop with skymall (for now).

On to other things:

Earphones.  Has anyone really noticed how gross those things are?  There is no real great way to clean them that I’m aware of (since water pretty much would ruin them)….but EWWWWWWW……they are just gross.  And I’m a clean person.  The ears get the work over every single day after the shower.  So what is this magnetizing component in these earphones that drag out every gross thing that could possibly be housed in that part of your body.  If I wasn’t further along in my OCD recovery, I might not ever be able to use them again.  And then I laugh.  Because I could also NEVER make it through a work day without them.

True Story:  I’ve lost some weight.  Not a ton, but enough to notice and hope to someday work out on purpose possibly losing more.  I bought some new underwear recently because, well, because every woman should just keep that part of her life fresh.  And….because so much of my others I had “outgrown” putting it delicately.  Well, I’m running a tad behind to be at the airport, throw on the new undies with my dress, stop by the local grocery store for gas and a quick breakfast……..only for the undies to go sliding down…..yep.  THANK THE GOOD LORD they only made it to my knees and I was able to be discreet about pulling them back up (I think I was anyway)……but ladies just know if it feels like something is sliding down your legs….it could just be your undies that are too big (unless you’re old and have bladder problems I guess).  Was I embarrassed about this?  Nope.  Not in the least.  I was WAY MORE excited that my underwear has gotten too big than I was that they fell down.  Priorities.  I did go back home before heading to the airport so I wouldn’t have to worry about another mishap.  You’re welcome XNA, Dallas and St Louis airports.

As our plane shakes horribly in turbulence right now, I see a woman next to me kinda getting edgy about it.  Is it weird that I sit here thinking it just happens to be in line with the music I’m listening to (and want to dance to)… I’m technically dancing to the music without having to look like a complete crazy.

Speaking of that, I am having the worst time not singing out loud on this plane.

I can’t drink really hot coffee.  But am not a fan of cold coffee either.  I am still struggling with that fine line of waiting for just the right moment to consume the cup.  Because it is a seriously fine line and you better get to drinking once it hits just the right warmth.  How does it go from warm to disgustingly cold so quickly?

Fall.  I love it so.  But I am not made for fall boots.  I’m just not.  My legs are just too big.  I mean I can find some for bigger girls.  But a) they are stupid expensive and b) all I would do when I wear them (like I do when I wear the one pair that I have) is wonder how ridiculous my big legs look trying to act like they belong in skinny boots.  I have had an over abundance of self confidence and love lately so maybe this will be the year I simply just don’t care.   We’ll see.  (as an update, I’m purchasing two pair this week AND a pair of jeggings….and guess what? I LOVE THEM……)

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