I want what I pay for…..

I LOVE Adele.  I don’t even know her technically, but I think just based on what I do know and have seen that her and I would make amazing friends.  Which is weird for me to even say because based on everything I have read about her, we are complete opposites and I would probably drive her insane.  But something about her just keeps me in awe.  I love her voice.  I love that she marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t seem to let fame bother her or change her.  I love how beautiful she is.

So naturally when I see her beautiful face plastered on the cover of People Magazine, I add it to my pile on the conveyor belt for purchase.  For some reason (random side note), I have always HATED paying for magazines.  I don’t know why.  I guess maybe I feel like once I’m done, it’s old news and they can’t really be used for anything.  In this day with “junk” being so popular, I could surely figure out something for them.

Anyway, let’s get back on track.  So I buy the magazine because the headline and her face draw me in.  I can’t wait to be “Inside Adele’s world now”….I just know I’m about to learn her deepest, darkest secrets.  I have paid $3.99 for 4 pages of what HAS to be riveting information……only to be SEVERELY disappointed.  Not even disappointed…..but just “sad” or borderline heartbroken.  The article just turned out to be information that “sources” or “friends of the couple” had given.  There were no real Adele statements in there.  BUT I PAID FOR IT…..I WANT THE JUICY STUFF!  I want her heart and soul poured out in every dang page of that magazine if that’s how many pages it takes for her to tell me her innermost thoughts…….because I love her (even though I don’t know her).

Drum roll please……here comes my really “reaching” attempt at turning this analogy to a lesson.

After reading the article and thinking to myself “I want what I paid for and this article made me think I was getting it all”……IMMEDIATELY this thought followed “Jesus paid for me…..He wants what he paid for……and I haven’t given him anything worth reading this week”

WOW.  Ok, well, wow for me anyway.  Maybe you’re not wow’d right now, but let it soak in a minute and try again.  Thankfully, He is not as bratty as me and doesn’t throw a fit like I might have after reading the article if it’s not what He wanted (thankful He forgives and loves anyway).   BUT, He has loved me from before I was born.  He wants to be with me even though I am not like Him.  And He paid for me.  He paid way more than $3.99 for me.  So, if I want Adele’s heart and soul for $3.99…..you can only imagine what He wants way more from me than I have been giving Him for the price He paid.

He paid a dear price for us.  He wants our heart and soul….not because He is a control freak or because He wants you to be a puppet.  It’s because He simply loves you and knows you are capable of so much.   He paid the price for you and doesn’t just want a few pages of your life told by someone else.  He doesn’t care if you take up every page of the magazine and even more because He delights in you, His beloved child.

So, moral of the story kids, He is drawn to you like you are the cover of a magazine.  He paid the price.  Are you giving him something worth reading?

I am by no means a biblical expert, nor a modern day prophet who knows exactly what to say and when to win people over for the Lord.  But I’m human, and I know with all that is in me that He uses even random, simple, broken humans like me to interact with other humans, even if it’s through cheesy analogies.

And P.S. I’m still going to read until I get the real Adele

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One thought on “I want what I pay for…..

  1. Wow this encouraged me beyond belief. Such an amazing piece of writing coming from a talented woman with a beautiful heart. I’m blessed to know you, and Im taking this message and applying it to my life. Thank you for using your passions and talents to glorify God- its really inspiring!


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