I’m bringing random back….

I wanted so badly to title this “bringing sexy back”……but that would mean that sexy would’ve ever left…..and she hasn’t…..ba da bomp ching…..totally joking.

It’s been a while since I let you into the randomness list in my notebook.  And there are some new followers out there that I was planning on easing into this.  But, those who know me, know there is never “easing into” anything with me.  So, baptism by fire, here we go.

For you new folks, I’m random.  I just am.  And I would’ve been more bothered by it if I hadn’t gone on this journey lately to truly love what I am.  I’m even more excited to have met some people lately who are just as random as me so I feel like I have found my homeland ; )  Anyway.  As I go through my day, I jot down random thoughts in my iphone notepad and then once enough of them have gathered, I put them out there for all of America (or anyone who actually reads this page) to see.  The only thing you need to do is expect nothing from this.  Just read, shake your head to and fro if you feel so inclined, or secretly rejoice that you have met a girl who had the same exact random thought as you (but shoot me an email on that last one, it’s rare that anyone actually does have the same randomness as me and I would love to hear from you).

Let’s get started.

  1.  Why on earth, when I have internet/wi-fi in my house, do I sit in my driveway for ten minutes on 3G service surfing Facebook, Instagram and twitter?  Happens almost daily.  I pull up, see a notification, go check it out and spend various amounts of time just sitting in my car reading and using valuable data bytes (or whatever they’re called – and are not cheap).  When in reality, it would take me less than two minutes to walk from my car to the couch and be on wi-fi.
  2. I started writing notes to myself.  Love notes actually.  And you know what, I like it.  Whenever I feel negativity or low self-worth coming on, I stop and write a note to myself sharing something that I truly believe.  I write what I would write to a friend who needs a pick me up.  I think everyone should do this.  I’m just not sure how to convince 6billion people on planet earth that it’s a stellar idea.  So, if you could start doing it, see how great it is and pass it along, we should be able to cover the planet right?  Ready.  Set.  Go.
  3. The output of what people see from you is a result of the input that people don’t see.  (Greg Dixon)  I heard this during a Habitudes class I’m in and found it to be an interesting spin on life in general.  Think about it.  Stir your coffee around some more.  Then take inventory and make sure the input is solid, good stuff.
  4. 13 days ago in my notepad I typed “you gonna get scanned if you wear that crap”……..I’m trying to remember a) what I was doing 13 days ago at lunch (which seems to be the time I wrote that) and b) who on earth I was talking to that said it.  I’m positive that I wrote it down because it was funny at the time but don’t know why now.  I always feel a sense of sadness when an epic funny moment is lost.  This feels like one of those times.
  5. Craft fairs!!!  Oh people, I’m long overdue with my craft fair findings blog.  But man was my eyes opened to a whole new world of people after visiting one not long ago.  I have never met such hard core people over picture frames and yard art in my life.
  6. Speaking of yard art….when does it go to far?  I pass by a house everyday that has SEVEN inflatable yard art ornaments.  They were Halloween themed and then in the middle of all that was a ginormous football player inflatable.  I always find it interesting that people choose to display their idea of a holiday in the form of inflatable yard art.  It personally stresses me out more than I could tell you.
  7. Soft peppermints.  Now that Sonic has switched to them, it has literally turned my world upside down.  I despise them.  I’m hoping to start a world movement to have them destroyed and for Sonic to bring back hard mints.  Who’s joining me?
  8. Stainless steel toilets have got to be one of the top three coldest surfaces on planet earth.  Have you noticed how a lot of parks use them in their bathrooms these days?  Aside from making me feel like I’m going to potty in a prison cell, they are freezing upon contact.  They, along with the soft peppermints must go.
  9. Zumba:  also worthy of its own blog.  There is zero reason that I should participate in this activity.  Yet, every week I secretly get excited to go thinking that this is the week where the rhythm in my head transpires throughout my body and I actually look like a real mover and shaker…….but every week, it fails and I end up looking like Baby on dirty dancing practicing her moves in the parking lot.
  10. My penmanship has gotten so sloppy over the years (I guess since I type more than I write) that I worry when people find my journals years after I’m gone if they will even be able to make sense of what I was talking about.  What if I totally change how history is taught because they read it wrong?   Too far?  : )
  11. I LOVE kid conversations.  I could seriously just write about them all the time.  Recently in visiting my mother, my nieces were over.  “Someone” had gotten into Mimi’s tape dispenser and destroyed the roll of tape.  Of course, neither niece confessed.  So I chime in and say “I guess a ghost got your tape Mimi”….to which one niece hangs her head and quietly says “I was the ghost that got the tape Mimi, I sorry”.  Adorable.  That is all.
  12. I am a text hoarder.  I just can’t delete text conversations.  I am ashamed to admit how far back some of them go.  I hold on to them because I’m deathly afraid that if I delete a convo, I might have needed it to prove something.  This is either a serious characteristic of my future investigator business OR, you should just message me the name of a good therapist.
  13. While we’re all admitting secrets…….I have played an R. Kelly song on repeat during the whole time I’ve been typing this.  I LOVE IT, it’s my new theme song and I feel so guilty loving something from someone who did so bad…….but it’s the message in the song that counts right? (FYI – the song is called Victory – listen to it just once)

Have a great weekend!!!!  Be random! : )


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