Sinful Little Things

Its the little things….
No, really, it is!! I recently got a complementary box of goodies to try. I had just finished a long day (that is turning into an even longer week) so to come home to a box of “stuff” was definitely a bright spot!
I can’t wait to share about all the products as i try them…but first up was SinfulShine nail polish.

I have just recently gotten nails of my own (after years of biting and acrylics). I must say that I have quickly become addicted to nail polish. HOWEVER, i have possibly the smallest nail beds on the planet along with brittle nails. Not to mention I am horrible in general at the painting process. So, for me it is imperative to find easy application, fast drying products to use.

Imagine my excitement when i was sent a complimentary bottle of quite possibly the best polish I have come across. SINFULSHINE is everything I need to do a great manicure myself AND it has Gel Tech to give you that touch of a gel manicure that can be costly at a salon! I have never tried a bright blue color on my nails before but this “Most Sinful” shade of blue I was given to try definitely has me feeling sassy. And it’s only $2.99 at Walgreens right now!

ANYWAY…I rave about all that to say this…..
Ladies, in a world where we are way too busy, way too stressed, and do not do a great job of treating ourselves….it really is truth that the littlest things can turn your attitude around. Stop by Walgreens on your way home, spot yourself a few bucks and treat yourself to an attitude adjustment in the form of some great polish!!!

Check them out! Find them here My mouth is watering at their other great colors

p.s. photos of my short fingers painted do not do this justice 🙂



I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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