Christmas thoughts…..

Christmas really is a wonderful time of the year isn’t it?  Who doesn’t love snow, Christmas decor, presents etc.  But there are a few things that swirl around in my head during this season that i thought I would share with planet earth.

Christmas lights….all or nothing.  Either rival the Griswalds or don’t do anything at all.  I have passed several houses with one strip of lights.  I don’t get it and I am sorry that you even spent time doing it.  Christmas lights are as exciting as fireworks and nobody gets excited over one firecracker that barely blows up 🙂

Dieting during the holidays – I am fairly certain it is easier to pass a bill in congress than to stay 100% to your healthy lifestyle during the holidays.  I admire those who can do it.  I just wish I was better at it.  But when your 90 year old granny makes a pecan pie and looks at you with those precious eyes and says “aren’t you going to have a piece of pie”…I, for one, am not going to be the person who says no to her and risk hurting her feelings…….would you? 🙂  My goal this year is to just keep moving during the holidays versus crashing on the couch after gorging myself.  Moderation and movement, that’s my theme.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes but if Oreo balls come into play, I cannot make any promises.

To this day, our family opens present in age order.  And even as an adult, I secretly am screaming at all those going before me to “hurry up” so I can tear into my gifts 🙂  The struggle is real.

I LOVE this Elf on the Shelf business.  I would gladly steal a kid during this season to be able to partake in Elf on the Shelf.

I don’t know about your family but my Christmas rule is that I take home “x” amount of liquor to visit and when that runs out, I’m coming home.  🙂  I love my family.  I love them even more when we are all cramped into a tiny space eating, laughing and I’ve had a few 🙂

I used to look forward to Christmas for epic gifts.  Now I mostly look forward to it in hopes that my nieces think I got them the best gift and they remember me for years to come and the fun times we had.

Black Friday is of the devil.  I don’t get it, I refuse to participate most of the time and if I do participate it is in the company of fun friends and solely to laugh at the chaos of the moment.  I took advantage of the Michael Kors outlet sale in 2012, and that is the only time I have ever thought black friday was worth it 🙂

I am dying to send out a Christmas card even though I’m single.  I have been too chicken in the past but have decided that in the future I am just doing it anyway!  One of my fav things to kick off the holiday season is to gather my favorite little people (the nieces) and dress them up for family pictures.  It’s complete chaos, they rarely cooperate, and I wonder when we are done if there is going to be one single pic that turns out.  But, they always do.  It always ends up being a blast and this year was the best yet!!  (see shamelessly shared pics from the session below)

What are your holiday quirks or traditions?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas thoughts…..

  1. Black Friday is terribly and this year it has encroached on Thanksgiving day. I could not believe how many stores stayed open on Thanksgiving much less opened up in the evening. This means that during Thanksgiving dinner the discussion starts revolving around where are we going to go first and who has what for what price etc. This year we did most of our shopping online and it was really nice. Although that comes with downsides as well due to the amount of retail jobs that will be lost in the future. Over the last few years my excitement on Christmas day is watching family members open up their gifts. Seeing the smiles on their faces really warms my heart.

    Elf on the Shelf started last year for us. The kids absolutely love waking up in the mornings trying to figure out what he was up to at night.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love to hear Elf on the Shelf stories!!! Maybe I will just get my own anyway next year 🙂

      I was so glad my family opted out of Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Thursday) shopping!


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