The Break 2013

I couldn’t get everyone Christmas gifts that I wanted this year.  But, I think the following announcement will be a better gift to some of you than my money could buy! 🙂

Announcing, the Alicia Break 2013.  That’s right.  From the evening of 12/28 until I return to the country on 1/6……there will be no Alicia correspondence.  No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, voicemail, texting, sky ping, online dating, snap chat……..NOTHING.

Why you ask?  Because I made a very spontaneous decision (as in I didn’t decide until last Friday on an hour’s notice) to join a group headed to Guatemala for a mission trip!!!  And I could not be more excited!

You have to step outside of your world.  You have to do something bigger than you at least once in your life.  Even if that “bigger” is just down the street.  For me, in this instance, it’s another country to love on some kiddos at an orphanage.  But, that is actually perfect.  Ever since I had to have surgery that prevented me from having kids, I have envisioned myself using that as the chance to love on as many kids as I can and impact them as much as I can.  I feel like this is one small step in that direction 🙂

I cannot wait to get back and tell you all about it!  I also can’t wait to get back to more blogging.  This holiday break gave me just the time I needed to get a head start and my number one resolution for 2014 is to write more….whether anyone reads it or not! 🙂

Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!!  You all behave while I’m gone 🙂 Hop on over HERE on Facebook, like it, and leave me a note of love if you’d like.  Nothing would make me happier than to come home to lots of notes that I wasn’t forgotten about while I was gone 🙂

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