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I am honestly missing coffee and not in clear thinking land yet today.  So, all I have for you is some completely random thoughts about being a girl.  Sorry guys (even though it might give you some insight into us ladies!).

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Is it better to have short stubby nails and paint them or try to keep up with acrylic overlays/fills?  I have oily nail beds and the most brittle nails of anyone I know.  It’s really annoying to pay for a “full set” and it only last a week at the most.  I love a good manicure as much as the next girl and I truly get about 37% heartbroken when a nail breaks (ok, that was a bit dramatic – the heartbreak is temporary I promise).  Nail life shouldn’t be this hard.  To be continued……..

I was keeping my fingers crossed that the mullet skirts and shirts were out for spring/summer this year.  However, I have seen three commercials featuring them today.  Sure, they work for cute, skinny people.  But for a thicker girl, it’s no win.  Sure, the mullet feature (business in the front, party in the back) from the backside helps with some coverage.  But now, there is a shorter front exposing the Goodyear tire that is my torso.  As for the mullet skirts I’m sorry I just can’t love them.  I can’t promise that if I have a pair of scissors around someone wearing one that I wouldn’t follow her around and cut it off.  Ultimately it just seems like an indecisive fashion statement that someone made.  You know, there they were designing great clothes and were torn on long or short so the made it both and someone caught on enough to blow it up.  Stop.

It’s almost time for spring (thank goodness after a crappy winter).  That means it’s almost time to change from my fall purse to my spring purse.  That’s about as often as I change.  I never caught on to changing purses all the time (although my mom is a pro at it so I’m not sure how I missed that gene).  I love a big purse.  With that much space, comes much packing.  I should start picking purses based on the amount of chiropractor visits I think it’s going to cause : ) !  I recently purchased one of the “As Seen on TV” purse organizers (side note, I have a weakness for ASOT purchases).  I am currently waiting on it to come in the mail and as I wait I can’t decide if I’m excited about organization, sad about needing it because my bag is so big, or embarrassed because it seems like only old ladies might enjoy it.  Do you feel me?

I hate razors.  Or, I should say, I hate buying razors.  It punches me in the gut every time I shop and need them to put in the basket.  Why are they so expensive?  I mean, I’m single, nobody is going to be touching my legs……so why not just skip shaving all together?  Ha!  If only!  But seriously, who are these razor making bazillion aires and why do they make them so expensive?  Even disposable razors are getting expensive.  In my opinion, this is all very lame.

Single shopping at the grocery store is a missed opportunity for me.  I am contemplating doing a study about this.  I’m not sure what the study would prove or whom it would benefit but it just seems like it needs to be explored.  I visited the local Fresh Market after my jog on Sunday.  There were single men everywhere (I assume they were single since they were not wearing a ring).  I even ended up on the same aisle as one of the cuties shopping around only to realize I was staring at men’s products.  I exited quickly.  I wanted to approach at least two of the guys I came across.  And I should.  Why not?  For some reason as outgoing as I am, I clam up in this area like you wouldn’t even believe.  What do you say?  Oh I love that organic coconut milk too, what’s your number? Plus I was still in my workout clothes and sporting a headband that said, “will run for margaritas”, WITH a uniboob (compliments of my sports bra).  So, let’s think about this for next time.  What is the best way to approach a guy in the grocery store?  I feel like I need a playbook.  Go.

That’s what’s on my mind for a Monday morning.  I am so excited for a great week ahead!  Make it great!  I am challenging myself to do one thing different every day even if it’s small.  Won’t you join me?  Let me know how it goes!

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