Fact Friday

I am spending the day recovering from a hard core week at Walmart Shareholders and Associate Expo. I was on my feet literally all week and can’t wait for the chiropractor to call me back and get “cracked”. I consumed a gazillion calories from all the vendors food at the expo and am a beautiful golden brown from all the sun I soaked up being outside all day for 4 days straight.

In addition to getting my hips aligned, I plan on spending the afternoon drenched in documentaries and random facts. I love to learn about most anything. A perfect day of rejuvenation for me includes documentaries, chocolate, and naps. If I could customize my cable package it would include the History, Discovery, and ID channels only. All day everyday.

Learning a new random fact literally makes my heart beat faster. I am known at work for spouting out random facts all day and work things like “orca whales can travel at 70mph” into any conversation that I can. I am shamelessly addicted to the Uberfacts Twitter account.

We all should know random things 🙂 it just makes us more fun to converse with. Who knows, maybe one day my random Orca knowledge will be what brings me across the man of my dreams. He will hear me spouting off whale facts, Auschwitz stats, New York City in the 30s notes and suddenly realize I am the woman he has been looking for. He will run to me in an open field with a bouquet of flowers and we will walk off into the sunset. 🙂 No? Ok. Clearly I am beyond exhausted and need to bring it back to reality.

HAPPY FRIDAY folks!!! Thanks for entertaining my tired mind and blog today. With that, I bring you a random panda fact. You’re welcome!!!


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