Dumping Water

After stating that I most likely would not be accepting this ice water challenge, I received a pretty nasty response message from someone. I also realize that I have lost popularity amongst some others.

So I felt like I would share a few thoughts for what it’s worth.

I am not a horrible person because I haven’t dumped water on my head.

I am not a horrible person because things are financially tight and I didn’t donate $100 to ALS. I admire the awareness it has gotten.

I am sorry for anyone who has ever encountered it.

Im glad so many have felt lead to participate and donate. I am amazed at the amount of money that has been raised.

I hope that other worthy causes get your attention as well. The world is full of hurt and there is more than enough opportunity to help.

I saw plenty of that opportunity when I volunteered for 5 years with the American Cancer Society. I saw more than enough suffering when my dad essentially drowned to death in his own lung failure from lung cancer.

I have seen precious babies in a foster system with zero family. Zero. They had not one person in their family care enough to take care of them or fight for them. I have rocked them, prayed for them, babysat them and provided clothing.

I have seen women that have been beaten and battered and feeling like there is no hope. And I have seen the limited resources stretched as thin as possible to help them because the donations are just not there and not many people want to out loud address domestic violence. I have cried with some of those women because all that I could offer at the time was “I’m sorry” and a prayer of thanks that I escaped abuse and had an amazing support network.

I have posted to raise awareness and funds for causes I believe in. And I have watched the same people who criticize me for not participating in the ALS challenge flat out ignore those posts and walk away from the opportunity to help. I have watched them gather resources for what they believe in and in a most selfish manner refuse to share those resources with any causes I am working with. Yet, not once have I said a not nice word to them about it.

So PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do not hate or mislabel me or others simply because we do not pour water on our head. Enjoy your participation. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. But don’t you dare bring on ill will, condescending comments, or witch hunts against me when you clearly know nothing of my heart.

I also found this pic to be quite fitting 🙂


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