Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Polka Dots……(and other ridiculous things we convince ourselves of)

Look, I’ll be honest.  The smallest thing on my body are the holes in my ears for earrings.  That is a cold truth.

I’m not advocating that you accept me wearing a thong bikini on the beaches of Brazil.  I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody…..

I am, however giving myself permission to stop convincing myself that I can’t wear something because someone said so.  

Insert cute polka dot scarf here.  


it’s only the beginning.  I started with polka dots around my neck and now I feel like every polka dot outfit I come across in the stores is begging me to try it on.  I caved and tried on one dress and folks, it took my breath away.  Not because it was scary, but because I actually don’t look like I am carrying octuplets with it on. Can we all agree that even though it’s not typical, this maroon and coral combo is legit?  Especially these shoes that I forgot I had!


My whole life has been a ridiculous web of lies convincing me that I can’t do something.  And it’s all solely based on someone else saying that I shouldn’t.  It doesn’t always get said directly to me (I mean, I have never received a direct call from Gucci, but…..) and it doesn’t always get put so bluntly.  But it happens.  And ultimately, it’s my own fault for letting any part of me believe them for even one second!

Here are some of the ridiculous things I have let myself be convinced of.  I am curious to hear some of yours!  

  1.  You can’t wear skirts because your legs are too thick.
  2. You can’t write that book because you don’t have time and you’re really not that good.  Nobody will even buy it because you can’t have a best seller without a big publisher.
  3. You can’t wear that furry vest because it just makes you look like a sheep dog (that’s a good blog “a-comin”).
  4. You won’t ever save money because you were never taught money management. 
  5. You can’t go sleeveless because some kid might innocently get caught in the crossfire of an arm swing and die.
  6. You have to keep your hair longer so people don’t concentrate as much on your round face.
  7. You will only ever have an average love that you will have to just settle for because the real big love isn’t for girls like you.
  8. You will never get to speak in front of people and do the type of public speaking you want because only skinny girls do that.
  9. Nobody will listen to your story or learn from your journey.  You aren’t liked enough to have people help spread your message.
  10. You just need to accept that you will always be average.

Doesn’t that just make you mad and sick and a host of other things reading it?  Simply ridiculous!  So glad that even though those thoughts still creep in from time to time, I stand on an AWESOME promise that I AM ABSOLUTELY meant for great things and I ABSOLUTELY will do them!


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