Selfie Sessions

Why do you take so many pics of yourself, Alicia? Isn’t that a sign of narcissism? Are you just looking for likes?

Nope. Let me explain (with hopefully not a lot of words)

Because. I. Want. To. 😝jkjk but, besides that….

Too many days are now spent in jammies or yoga pants, lacking human interaction that I thrive off of….

Too much money was spent on new makeup I’m experimenting with, not to be seen by at least one other human (and since I have no boo to share with and my friends and coworkers ain’t trying get blown up with Alicia selfies😂)

Too many years were filled with attaching any rejection to being because I must’ve been ugly (amongst other things)

Too many days were spent being physically and mentally abused and told over and over again that nobody has ever really liked me and nobody ever will and that I would never be worth looking at outside those 4 walls

Too many horrible decisions were worn on my face and carried in my eyes, for way too long…..and I didn’t recognize what it was. I just hated how I looked in pics and couldn’t put my finger on why

Too many working past midnight days (even these weekend projects have me up late) where I crashed with my makeup on and debated how important teeth brushing was….much less being kind to myself

Too many boxes moved and unpacked (that destroyed my manicure like nobody’s business) hoping that this GREAT life that is happening for me is real….or will disaster/crisis strike like seemingly every time before.

So. When human interaction, makeup and sassy lipstick, a great shirt with the cutest pleated sleeves makes me feel “alive” and like the Alicia I like best……you dang skippy I’m gonna catch that good light and file it away in the “when you feel gross” folder….like tonight after falling in the rain, sweating during garage work and wondering where my weekend went and why I didn’t do something fun, instead of stay alone. 😎 if that makes me a vain narcissist….then 🤷🏼‍♀️ so be it!

Not that I need or have to explain any reasoning. But I do have to tell you that ESPECIALLY in times like these, you should take way more feel good pictures versus spending one single second thinking you are anything less than to die for (because someone already thought you were to die for, actually).

I mean it. I really, really do. I’m laying here thinking about you and hoping you spend today being extra kind to yourself! ❤️

Let people be nice to and love themselves. Some of them spent YEARS learning to! Gotta go get that manicure now 😘. Leave a comment with a feel good pic of you!!

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