Who is this Fancy Pants Person?

I started Fancy Pants Revolution earlier in 2012 when I was attempting to be cast for a makeover on the daytime show The Revolution.  I didn’t make it to the show because it got cancelled but couldn’t shake the whole idea of truly having a revolution for women.

The next few months following, I met the man of my dreams (or so I thought).  That situation quickly deteriorated and was all a lie to give you the Reader’s Digest version.  As it deteriorated, it took my life as I knew it and turned me completely upside down.  Shook me to my core to be exact.  I was left in a million pieces wondering who I was, if I was really good enough, and why I didn’t like myself.

Fighting through that (and still struggling with some things daily) brought me here.  Better than ever and determined to grow more awesome every single day.  And not just for me, but to find other women just like me who know there is more, that we deserve more and who truly want to have their own revolution.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith, and get this started.  I hope that we can share, laugh, love, encourage, and most importantly LOVE OURSELVES OUT LOUD…..because when we do that, and if you will get on board…..we will completely change the world without even realizing it!!!

So excited to have you along for the ride!!!  I can’t wait to see what happens!  I just know it will be bigger than anyone ever imagined!!!

4 thoughts on “Who is this Fancy Pants Person?

  1. We have soooo much in common, and we share the same birthday. I read almost every one of your posts last night. Cannot wait to meet you. LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!


  2. I have been curvy my entire life. I have fought my weight, hid my weight, hated myself for my weight, and let others opinions control me. I am married and have 3 boys and have areas of my body that will never recover from that. I came across your blog via instagram today and completely feel empowered! You are gorgeous and your style is point on! LOVE all yours looks. I have amazingly short fat legs (log legs if you will) and have not worn dresses or skirts or shorts or jeans in Years bc of them. Today, you have given me courage to take some risk and shop again! I do not have to hide under tunics and sacks! Thank you for making me feel alive. And I think its crazy that at an average size 14, society has made me feel this way! Thank you for your spunk! I seriously want to go shopping with you! PS….post more links on where you find your amazing clothes!


    1. Oh my word! You have made my whole day!!! Thank you so much for the note and for stopping by to read!!! You are alive! You are already amazing!!! Get out from under those tunics and show us the real you, lady!!! 🙂 Hope you have a great rest of the week!!!!!


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