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The Ten Year Challenge

So. Curiosity killed the cat and I did a little “10 year challenge” (or whatever it’s called that all the cool kids are posting) justttt to see what 2012 Alicia evolved into….. And. Ummm. What happened from there was grossly unexpected.  Before we get too deep into this, let me clearly disclaim a couple of…

Welcome Aboard!

Soooo, hiiiiiii! I revamped my website and am excited to declare that I have FINALLY gotten rid of the fear that kept me from doing it sooner. I would love to invite you to come hang out with me in my new hub. I’ll be sharing lots of things (including chats with some of my…


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About Me

 I am not a Dr…..or an expert….or a guru on anything really and I excel at making my fair share of mistakes and poor choices. 

I talk a lot….I’ve been through some things….I am enthusiastic, brave, creative, hungry for more, and blessed. Sound like anyone you know?

That’s what brought me here. Because I want to make my corner of the world an ever-evolving better place.  On my terms of course 🙂 Just like most anyone else. I want to be better. I want to love myself out loud and find out loud joy without feeling bad for doing it. I want to laugh a lot, learn about everything and meet alllllll the people.  And I am convinced that you might want to, too……

So, let’s do it together! Let’s forget trying to be discovered by celebrities who could give us fat camp and fabulous makeovers……let’s JUST DO IT ourselves and make the world notice us!

Let’s talk about cheating on our diets, trying to conquer the world, things that make us happy and things that make us sad. Let’s try on some clothes, play in makeup and seek allllll the great products and laughs we can find!

It’s time to discover us second (bc…God first) and change the world through just being us!!! One amazing woman at a time (and amazing men too if they’re on board!)

And if a Dr or real guru wants to join in, we’ll all think about letting them 🙂

Let’s hang out
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