The Adele Hangover Explained

I cannot remember a time when I anticipated a human’s existence as much as I have the return of Adele.  I tried to prepare myself as much as possible.  I even entertained the thought of waiting til Saturday to download the album (psssh – puh-lease) just so that I could be completely and emotionally availableContinue reading “The Adele Hangover Explained”

Fancy Pants People – the devil in disguise

So…..this is Dustin…my trainer…… dustin and I met a while back and he tried to transform me, but I was stubborn.  He’s fantastic as much as most days while I’m pretty sure I’m dying…..I hate him 🙂  ok, so hate is strong word……it’s a love/hate 🙂 Anyway….Dustin is one of my biggest cheerleaders and trulyContinue reading “Fancy Pants People – the devil in disguise”