I love Vienna……and other things I won’t apologize for 2-1-10

Quote:  it was a tie today…… –          Why not go out on a limb……that’s where the fruit is.  Mark Twain –          Advice is something you ask for when you already know the answer but wish that you didn’t.  Erica somebody (I honestly can’t read my own writing to tell what the last name is) Song: Continue reading “I love Vienna……and other things I won’t apologize for 2-1-10”

The Bachelor – Episode two (I think)

So much to type….but soooo late in the evening.  I wasn’t planning on even watching the show, much less having so much to say about it. So forgive the first blog……it’ll be a little rough.  I promise to be more prepared next week. Here are my general observations – – I love Allie.  Love her. Continue reading “The Bachelor – Episode two (I think)”