Late Night Laptop Talk

I’m just now shutting my laptop for the night and going to bed. A bed that has “half on” sheets because I have just been too tired to care if they are on right or at all. I have no Christmas decorations up AT ALL (for the first time in my entire life). And atContinue reading “Late Night Laptop Talk”

Breaking up my holiday 2013

hmm, it’s been a while since I’ve been here!  Why I feel like I need two blogs I am not sure….but either way, here is some blog love for aliciavenue 🙂 (and some picture love as I share my FANTASTIC baby niece with the blog world) The 2013 Holidays have come and gone and IContinue reading “Breaking up my holiday 2013”

Christmas thoughts…..

Christmas really is a wonderful time of the year isn’t it?  Who doesn’t love snow, Christmas decor, presents etc.  But there are a few things that swirl around in my head during this season that i thought I would share with planet earth. Christmas lights….all or nothing.  Either rival the Griswalds or don’t do anythingContinue reading “Christmas thoughts…..”

Cleaning out my head…..

When you have so much to say that you cant make a status out of it…..or you could but people would hate you for taking up their whole scroll screen….you blog.  Even though this whole revolution has been on hiatus….and the revolution itself is supposed to be aw inspiring us to be better women…….sometimes youContinue reading “Cleaning out my head…..”