Pete and Repeat – The Boys That Won’t Go Away

Hooray for a new week!  Some of my favorite outfits are up on deck this week to show you from shopping in my closet as well as some of my favorite stories and life lessons to go with them!  You’re going to see lots of repeats this week.  That was what made putting these togetherContinue reading “Pete and Repeat – The Boys That Won’t Go Away”

Dear Guy Who Said “I can’t date you because of your log legs”…..

You should see me now! Ankles.  Can we talk about em for a sec? I happen to hate mine.  I hate my legs in general, actually.  I remember a long time ago in high school an older lady told me what pretty legs I had.  I just wish I would have had enough brain cellsContinue reading “Dear Guy Who Said “I can’t date you because of your log legs”…..”

Shopping In My Closet

I should’ve titled it “Coming Out of the Closet” just to watch my small hometown peeps go crazy thinking they were about to get major Alicia gossip…..but I have to think of my mother 😝 ANYWAY In an effort to be a better me this year, I decided to start trying to improve finances byContinue reading “Shopping In My Closet”