Selfie Sessions

Why do you take so many pics of yourself, Alicia? Isn’t that a sign of narcissism? Are you just looking for likes? Nope. Let me explain (with hopefully not a lot of words) Because. I. Want. To. 😝jkjk but, besides that…. Too many days are now spent in jammies or yoga pants, lacking human interactionContinue reading “Selfie Sessions”

Wearing the Things

America.  Here’s the deal.  I did NOT want to show you this outfit.  As much as I love sharing myself, especially my closet, some aspects are a real struggle to put out there.  The good days are good.  People seem to align to your way of thinking and the interwebs join in chorus of agreementContinue reading “Wearing the Things”

Ponytail Summer

I have a confession.  I LOVE this messy hair up in  ponytails and buns business.  I just love it.  But I’m scared of it.  I have a round face, my nose is too short, and my chins…well…there are a few of them to choose from.  This is the kind of self-attacking that happens every timeContinue reading “Ponytail Summer”


Hello America.  How are you?  This will be another random, no theme or point note. -Let’s just start with the most recent (as in the last few hours) event today.  It was pointed out this evening with a friend that I’ve become so busy that I don’t know how to flirt anymore.  Yeah, I dateContinue reading “AT LEAST I HAVE GREAT HAIR”