Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Chronicles “about me”

Previously, we covered the picture portion of online dating profiles.  Today, let’s cover the “about me” section.  Keep in mind, my observations are solely based on profiles that I have come across, all being male.  I have not searched any female profiles, however, I have seen what guy friends have shared…..and honestly, I am justContinue reading “Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Chronicles “about me””

I love the Old Spice commercials

I can’t help myself! I love them…..anyway, let’s get started and get you all caught up! – You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims. – What everyone thinks of you is none of your business. – If we all had luck to rely on, nobody wouldContinue reading “I love the Old Spice commercials”