Dungeons and Douchebags….What’s in a name? Picking the right dating name

I probably should’ve started the series with this since that’s one of the first fields you have to pick in creating an online dating profile.  But….I honestly didn’t think about it until I saw today’s “who wants to meet you list” in my own dating notifications.  There it was, “muffdivindaddy69″……..once I saw it, I knewContinue reading “Dungeons and Douchebags….What’s in a name? Picking the right dating name”

Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Chronicles “about me”

Previously, we covered the picture portion of online dating profiles.  Today, let’s cover the “about me” section.  Keep in mind, my observations are solely based on profiles that I have come across, all being male.  I have not searched any female profiles, however, I have seen what guy friends have shared…..and honestly, I am justContinue reading “Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Chronicles “about me””

Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Profile Pictures

That seems to be the choices for women when they enter the online dating world these days.  You either meet someone who you feel like has a dungeon awaiting your arrival so he can live out his crazy fantasies on you or he is a complete douchebag.  If there were a board game with thatContinue reading “Dungeons and Douchebags….Online Dating Profile Pictures”

Basic Math and Other things to know According to Alicia

This could get wordy……just warning you “@GreatestQuotes: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – Erin Majors” Math scenario numero uno:  Three texts discussing Easter Sunday service times and when to meet minus one text four minutes before service starts stating how you won’t be joining me divided by the fact that I CLEARLYContinue reading “Basic Math and Other things to know According to Alicia”