Ripped Jeans

I didn’t realize just how many random thoughts I document per day (mostly on Facebook and Twitter) until I declared a Facebook absence for June. Just as an experiment, I have jotted down my thoughts in my phone notebook over the last couple of days. When I had the urge to post, I opened theContinue reading “Ripped Jeans”

Girl…you snow craaazzzyyyyy

Ok, so round 327 of being iced in this year has gotten to my brain so much that I’m turning my titles into plays of other phrases.  Which, happen to be pretty funny to me, but I doubt you all reading this are on the floor laughing. In being trapped inside for what feels likeContinue reading “Girl…you snow craaazzzyyyyy”

I’m bringing random back….

I wanted so badly to title this “bringing sexy back”……but that would mean that sexy would’ve ever left…..and she hasn’t… da bomp ching…..totally joking. It’s been a while since I let you into the randomness list in my notebook.  And there are some new followers out there that I was planning on easing into this. Continue reading “I’m bringing random back….”

It’s Raining Randomness

It’s just been too long since the randomness in my head (that sometimes actually makes it to a notepad) has been shared.  I have no idea if you embrace your randomness as much as I do…….but you should.  I’m definitely not ashamed.  I’m also probably not fully aware how crazy it probably makes me lookContinue reading “It’s Raining Randomness”


Hello America.  How are you?  This will be another random, no theme or point note. -Let’s just start with the most recent (as in the last few hours) event today.  It was pointed out this evening with a friend that I’ve become so busy that I don’t know how to flirt anymore.  Yeah, I dateContinue reading “AT LEAST I HAVE GREAT HAIR”

Crap Storm ahead (with a side of Geritol)

I wanted to have a catchy title for this hodge podge of randomness but I just didn’t have it in me.  There is just too much for you to catch up on.  To make it through this you’re going to have to be committed folks : – ) Although I have a list of actualContinue reading “Crap Storm ahead (with a side of Geritol)”

Catching up my laundry…..

It’s been a while since you’ve had an overload of my randomness.  I figured you were all getting antsy 🙂 -I thought I would be super excited to have all my laundry caught up today.  Turns out, its better that I never have it caught up.  All this time that a full hamper stared meContinue reading “Catching up my laundry…..”

Random Acts of Blogness

The Return of Randomness A return to bloggage was inevitable.  It was just a matter of sitting down and doing it.  I have no idea if anyone even reads these but I’ve kind of missed sharing my daily randomness with the world.  It was brought to my attention today that I’m so different than soContinue reading “Random Acts of Blogness”