It was a dark and stormy night…..

Well, not exactly dark yet….but let’s get started.  (ok, technically it wasn’t dark when I started typing this…but then I got distracted and spend some time trying to perfect my push up hold, catching up on Drop Dead Diva and doing laundry)

Quotes of the day:   If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means, paint and that voice will be silenced.”  Vincent Van Gogh

Your future started this morning.  YOU’RE LATE – Rev run

Avoid drama all day!  The Matador wins by avoiding the bull, not by colliding with him.  – Rev Run

Song of the day:  He Still Loves Me (old school from the movie “The Fighting Temptations”)

–          I have not had a date in over two months.  True story.  I’m kind of on a hiatus.  An Eat, Pray, Love minus the world travel if you will.  It’s gotten off to a rocky start but I’m kind of excited to see what happens.  I have made a promise to spend the next year on me.  Period.  Work, and work on me, that’s all that’s on my agenda.  More details to come.

–          I’ve learned in the last two weeks that last is not always bad.  Being the last one in the pedi shop gets me extra massages.  Being last to the deli gets me more meat : – ) that can’t be all bad right?

–          I think someone could make some serious extra money off of me if they were willing to organize my music collection.  First of all it’s extremely random and could almost be mistaken for bipolar.  Secondly, I still have a ton of cds that need to be put in my library.  Any takers?

–          Someone please explain to me how you incorporate a Kenny Rogers son into a scary movie?  I saw a commercial for a movie coming out that does just that.  It makes me almost want to pay to watch it to see what other crazy stuff they might come up with.

–          Now that the Bachelor Pad season is over, I have decided to ground myself from ever watching that series again.  However, I refrained from blogging about it, I still have my notes.  If you’re interested, email me : – )

–          Apparently I made notes about a movie I saw recently.  The notes said “funny, then cry.  Love and working it out.  Made me want to be in love”.  I have no idea what movie I was talking about and can’t even remember what I saw in the theater last but I guess it was good!

–          Lately, two words have been popping up in my mind.  “Unsettledness” and trust (firm reliance on the integrity, ability etc of a certain person or thing) and silence.  Thankfully (I guess) you can always count on other humans to remind you how important they are and to set fine examples of those definitions…..or quite the opposite.

–          I’m starting a letter writing project.  I’m writing how I feel to past and present people, even a future person.  I think writing is a lost art.  I also think that there is truth to the theory that if you don’t write it out….it can hold you back and you can’t truly move on.  I’m just struggling with the fact that I know I will want to know for sure the people read it : – ) when ultimately that shouldn’t matter.

–          You can’t love someone else at the expense of yourself.  Great lyrics in a song.  So true.

–          I can’t remember if I shared this thought, but I meant to.  You cannot gain followers and supporters by tearing down others (this is not new revelation people).  Be an example, make people wonder what you have going on that others don’t.  Eventually people get tired of hearing you bash others and you’ll have to stand on your own cause solely.  Better have it together.  I have no idea if I typed that from my head or saw it somewhere.  But it’s good stuff either way.

–          I wish I could read half of my notes that I’ve been making for this blog.  But I can’t.  For one, when I was jotting them down, my auto correct apparently kicked in and I have no idea what I was trying to say.  On top of that my screen is super busted….so, in lieu of the rest of my randomness, I’m dedicating this to the Yell County Fair.  Enjoy.


As many of you know I’m from Yell County Arkansas (the town of Danville in particular).  I’m sure that if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ve gotten a YC story or two thrown your way.  But…..I’m not sure that you’ve ever fully experienced the story of the Yell County Fair.  It’s one of the biggest weeks of the year!  The following are fun facts you need to have handy should you ever decide to attend the week’s activities.

–          Monday night is the Miss Yell County pageant.  For as far back as I can remember, girls are groomed for this.  They may not have ever done a pageant in their lives, and may never do another one, but competing in hopes of winning Miss Yell County is a BIG DEAL.  I’m not even exaggerating when I say that half of the county shows up for this, standing room only event.  You may never accomplish anything else in your entire life, but if you win this, you will always have that on your Yell County resume.

  • I was once a competitor in this pageant.  I had done pageants before but kind of gotten out of it and my hips and boobs were not conducive.  Nor was I even remotely popular.  I love a lot of the people in the YC, but the honest politics of it is that if you’re popular and a certain group of women decide to take you on as their project, you’ll go far in the pageant.  If not, well, you’re on your own.  So literally the week before the pageant, Mrs. Burks talks me into entering.  It went downhill from there.  I got a horrible dress, the famous hair dresser fixed my hair even more horribly, I had to wear a swimsuit.  And when I came out on stage….crickets.  I cried most of the night back stage and have never wanted to quit in the middle of something so bad in my entire life.  I didn’t place and if I had it to do all over again, I would have never even entered.

-Thursday nights were the next biggest nights of the week.  That’s the livestock auction night.  All the animals that were shown earlier in the week can be auctioned off.  EVERYBODY shows up for this night.  As a matter of fact, if you’re dating and not sure it’s official yet, come to the YC fair on a Thursday and that pretty much seals the deal.  To this day, I still get calls if someone sees my ex there with a new girl, or just to catch me up on the gossip in general.

-The carnies at the YC fair could actually be related to you in some form or fashion.  True story.

-Yell County may never see rain any other time of the year….but you can guarantee that it will rain at some point during fair week.

-Miss Fannie George still, at 98 years old, rides her horse in the Friday parade.  This woman is a YC icon.  I can only hope to dress half as loudly as her if I make it to be that old.  I doubt I could crawl up on a horse now, much less when I’m 98. (see attached picture)

-Speaking of the parade.  It is almost criminal if your business doesn’t shut down the day of the parade.  I can’t remember any business not doing it and I’m pretty sure they would suffer immensely if they didn’t.

-I kissed a boy on the ferris wheel at the top once.  Then almost threw up because I’m that scared of heights.

-The year I went on a Thursday night with my ex was the first time I had seen his parents in public and the first time our relationship was made public.  They didn’t speak to me at all and when he tried to introduce me, they said they had no interest in meeting me.  They were never our biggest fans.  I have not been back to the Yell County fair with a boy since.  That was 13 years ago : – )


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