Hello America.  How are you?  This will be another random, no theme or point note.

-Let’s just start with the most recent (as in the last few hours) event today.  It was pointed out this evening with a friend that I’ve become so busy that I don’t know how to flirt anymore.  Yeah, I date she says, but that’s becoming more of a sport in my life.  I don’t truly enjoy the art of flirting.  There are stories I will spare you of from the past (whatever, like they won’t come out someday) that exemplify my lack of being sexy/flirty.  Every time I try, I screw it up and it turns into a disaster.  Today was no different.  My friend’s challenge to me was to flirt with a guy in my contact list.  I don’t know why I felt compelled to memorize a guy’s number that I have no business being in contact with anymore, but for some reason, he’s the first who came to mind.  So, I type in his number and begin harmless flirting in an attempt to prove my friend wrong.  Well……..the problem with that is I typed the wrong area code.  It went to a woman…..who’s husband saw it…..and thought she was messing around.  F A I L.  COMPLET E AND UTTER FAIL.   It’s worked out……..I don’t think I completely broke up a marriage….but good grief.  Thankfully I have had a friend volunteer for the fake flirty position so I can just text him if I feel the urger or need to “fake flirt”.  Thank you Tyler

-Speaking of the title of this note….I really do have great hair.  I mean AMAZING.  Best hair I’ve had in a while.  Good hair makes me happy.  Bragging?  Probably.  But why we don’t celebrate ourselves in general enough anymore.  I’m making a new movement in the world.  Starting with myself.  I beat myself up entirely too much on a daily basis….so today we celebrate the things I’m confident in… hair is one of them.

-Obsession:  this has been thrown in my face often lately.  I struggle to understand it.  I don’t think I truly have one……but maybe I’m blinded by my own self.  Either way…..I long to understand people and their obsessions.  I’m starting with an adult’s obsession with Hello Kitty.  Please explain.

-You can’t love someone else at the expense of yourself.  I don’t know why this was in my iphone notebook but it is so I might as well throw it out there in case somebody needs it.  I believe it.  I’m learning more than ever that I’m not good to anyone else, if I am no good to myself first.

-As if the animal commercials w/ Sarah McLachlan singing in the background isn’t torture enough….now there is a Willie Nelson version.  REALLY?  Warning…. Really bad joke to follow…..those sad faces….they are so sad because Willie is in the background.  Make me listen to him over and over and see if I don’t have a sad face too!

-While we are discussing this.  Let’s discuss the tshirt.  You get a tshirt for donating.  That’s all fine and good.  But now I’m thinking they should rethink it and instead of putting ASPCA on it or whatever it is…maybe it should read “I fell for Willie, it worked.”  You know, just to spice it up.  Those dang commercials tear me up!!!

-Although the character is bad guy, after watching Batman (the Michael Keaton version), I want a pet named Oswald Cobblepot.  I just like the name.

-There should be a timeout button for facebook

-I tell ya, you go out with one British guy and everybody wants to start talking British to you.  (But…Tamara Phillips is the best at it and she can do it any time she wants to)

-I’m in desperate need of downtime.  So why can’t I make myself take it?  I have friends that I miss dearly.  I haven’t been home since before Easter (I think).  And maybe it’s my age, but I have a deep need to “pay attention to me/feed my soul” if you will.  It sounds silly but I think it’s vital to our existence.  I am truly surrounded by amazing people.  It’s taken me a long time to form this circle around me and I just want to soak it up.  Yet, when I force myself to do nothing but relax, hang out with those people or even just to sit and watch TV…….I feel like I’m wasting time.  MUST.  FIND.  BALANCE.

-It’s time.  It’s time to chronicle all my bad dates into a collection.  I have no idea how to go about this.  Ideas?

-Advice:  if you don’t pay attention to anything I say ever.  No matter what you think of me.  Listen/read this.  Two books:  Habitudes and Soul Cravings.  MUST READS.  Awesome books that are changing my life.  I’m actually thinking (since I know some of you might be interested but probably won’t follow through with actually buying and reading the books) of starting some weekly lessons and sending them out.  Does anyone care?  Anyone interested?  Let’s do it!  I LOVE having stuff to discuss!

That should do for now 😉  I’m sure you all realize what a treat this is that I posted this note here instead of making you go to my blog page.  🙂  Too bad it’s not some of my best work 🙂

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